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Wedding Dresses and Your Silhouette: Here’s What You Should Know!


We all know the feeling – someone we know shows us their wedding photos, and we cannot help but feel their gown just didn’t fit quite right. It is essential that every bride understands the type of body she has and how to dress for it. Your wedding dress is not only meant to hide those pesky problem areas, but it should also be able to accentuate your best features. At Timeless Bridal Couture, we understand that not every figure is the same, and in our appreciation for the beautifully unique body types we style on a daily basis, we have compiled a list of some trade tricks to pay attention to if your figure fits into any of the below categories:

The Hourglass Figure

Those with an hourglass silhouette generally have shoulders and hips of similar width, while the waistline is significantly smaller. Emphasising a cinched waist and curvy hips with an hourglass figure is a great way to add balance to the overall proportions, and the best dresses to do so with include mermaid dresses, A-line dresses, or sheath dresses with a belt as an accessory. Some women with an hourglass figure may want to hide their curves, but they should avoid trying to drown out their form in a dress that is too large and unflattering.

The Pear Figure

If your hips are wider than your shoulders and bust, you have a pear figure. Those with a pear silhouette often feel “bottom-heavy”, so the trick here is to create the illusion of a balanced-frame. An A-line, empire waist, or ballgown dress will hide your bottom half while pulling focus towards the neck, bust, and shoulders.

The Apple Figure

The main issue that most women find with their apple figure is that they feel top-heavy, with a wide bust, waist, and back. People with apple figures sometimes also feel that their arms and legs are disproportionately slender when compared to their torso. Floor-length A-line and ballgown dresses can be an apple figure’s best friend because of how their corsets cinch the waist and create a more balanced, hourglass figure.

The Athletic Figure

Sometimes also called “rectangular”, this body type often has a long torso that is the same in width from shoulder to hip. Complaints about the athletic figure often include not having enough feminine curves. A simple remedy to this issue is a dress style that shortens and cinches the waist – great examples of this are mermaid-style and ballgown dresses.

Regardless of your size or silhouette, we have something you’ll love. For more information on our products and services, feel free to book an appointment with us or browse through our online catalogue.





Wedding Dresses Johannesburg

Planning a Johannesburg Wedding? We Have the Right Dresses for You!   


It’s no secret that South Africa has some of the most stunning landscapes in the world, which is why our splendid country is a travel hotspot when it comes to destination weddings. From the tropical climate of the South Coast to the delicately beautiful Fynbos in the Cape – South Africa is rich in breathtaking fauna and flora. There is no shortage of wedding venues, either. One of the top cities for wedding venues in South Africa is Johannesburg.

Johannesburg has a multitude of wedding venues and because each type of venue is unique, we at Timeless Bridal Couture have the perfect dress for each occasion. If you are having a Johannesburg wedding and your venue falls into one of these categories, pay attention to the type of dresses you can pull off on your Big Day.

Hotels, Mansions, and Clubhouses

These venues are usually quite large and are known for sophisticated luxury. They are also always the easiest option because they generally include everything from catering to the DJ in one fee. Having such a grand venue with so many guests is definitely a time that the bride will want to wear a showstopper. A ballgown silhouette like the SY6636 by Stella York is a great way to make every head turn and dazzle your guests with your elegance.

Farmyards, Barns, and Inns

Rustic weddings have been on trend for a while now, as most brides love the challenge of DIY crafts and casual festivities that end with good food and dancing. If bridesmaids in cowboy boots are your thing, then you will need a comfortable dress to dance in. The Capri dress by Le Papillon is a lovely two-piece gown made from flowing chiffon, which gracefully moves with the body. It is ideal for the bride who loves having her skirt caught in a breeze.

Gardens, Vineyards, and Wineries

The photographs from this type of venue always have a backdrop of lush, green foliage and fairy lights. Bridal gowns that suit this look include vintage, ethereal dresses. One of our favourites in this category is the Estelle from Le Papillon. Incorporating romantic elements such as Chantilly lace and hand-beaded details, this dress is fit for a fairytale.

Lake Houses and Dam Venues

Thin straps? Flowing material? This is all it takes to make a joyful water-wedding look sexy and elegant. We love the Lily dress in the Colet collection by Nicole Spose. This boho-styled dress incorporates a soft tulle skirt (which looks beautiful when whipped up by water) for some wedding fun in the sun.

For more wedding dresses to suit your Johannesburg wedding venue (or any venue, really), book your intimate and exclusive consultation with Timeless Bridal Couture today.



Wedding Dresses Pretoria

Choosing a Wedding Dress in Pretoria to Suit Your Style

In the past few years, Pretoria has been catching on to the latest wedding trends. Prospective brides no longer need to make a trip to Johannesburg or the notoriously fashion-forward city of Cape Town. Pretoria is a hotspot when it comes to the booming wedding business, and brides are beginning to notice. With so many trends gaining ground in Pretoria, it can be daunting to pick a style that you feel comfortable with.

Choosing a dress to suit your style means not only considering your personality, body shape, and wedding theme, but also looking into which trends you find most beautiful and representative of your personal taste. Below we have compiled a list of some styles that have made waves throughout the ages and the dresses that suit them best.

The Classic Style

Timeless and elegant, the classic style is what you would expect to see at a royal wedding. These exquisite dresses are generally in A-line, ballgown, and fit-and-flare designs, and impress with their simplicity. Think minimalistic jewellery, a three-tiered wedding cake, and a ballroom decorated with white roses. If the poise and sophistication of Grace Kelly’s wedding speaks to you, you may want to consider a classic white dress in a simple, form-fitting design.

The Vintage Style

The demure vintage style embraces ages past with an abundance of antique-esque décor and nostalgic odds and ends. Vintage wedding dresses are almost never a bright white, but rather fall under the spectrum of dusty rose, aged white, champagne, and eggshell. Vintage wedding dresses are often made of tulle or lace, and give the impression of a soft, romantic painting. Beading and appliqué take centre stage when it comes to vintage wedding dresses, so accessorising can be minimal. If lace and pearls, the city of Paris, or teacups and doilies appeal to you, a vintage wedding dress may be up your alley.

The Modern Style

A modern wedding style is the ultimate in clean lines, bold colours, and interesting contrasts. Many brides who opt for a modern wedding dress will stick to the classic A-line with some subtle detail. Striking red lips or a bright bouquet usually plays off against the simplicity of the theme and makes the entire day a feast for the eyes. Some brides opt to go for a shorter dress or wear gloves, giving a nod to the sixties when the “Mod” subculture came into being. The modern wedding dress is uncomplicated and makes a statement with its effortless beauty.

The Boho-Chic Style

This is an alternative style that allows for a combination of two or more styles, which is the beauty of going with this trend. Bohemian-themed weddings can be rustic, rock ‘n roll, or ethereal, while welcoming hints of a wild and free gypsy lifestyle. Creativity is key with this style and simple wedding dresses are often heavily accessorised. Boho-chic dresses bring out your inner hippy with A-line and mermaid dresses that are made of lace, cotton, or even crocheted. A flower crown and natural make-up complete this unconventional look and make for beautiful photos.

Situated in Pretoria, we at Timeless Bridal Couture offer specialised services to cater to the unique needs of our valued clients.

Wedding Dresses

How to Accessorise Your Wedding Dress

Your wedding day is a day filled with beauty that nobody will ever be able to take away from you, it is, therefore, important that you are able to look and feel your best. Finding the right wedding dress is the first step, and then comes the fun of accessorising it.

At Timeless Bridal Couture, we have a gorgeous selection of accessories to take your wedding look to the next level. It’s all in the details, and with the right accessories, you can walk down the aisle looking flawless. There are a few things to remember when picking out accessories for your wedding dress, and it’s a good idea to ask the advice of the consultant helping you. We love it when our brides choose to accessorise, so we have set up some basic guidelines to help you choose which bridal accessories would work best with your dress.

Your Hair

This season’s trends are in, and rose gold hair pieces are grabbing everyone’s attention. From smaller hairpins and hair vines, to larger combs placed strategically in the hair, dainty, floral hair accessories can transform any hairstyle. Another important accessory to factor in here is the veil. The type of veil you decide on will ultimately depend on the look of the dress. A heavily-detailed dress will only need a simple, single-layer veil. The length of the veil can also affect the tone a bride wants to set for her look, as a long veil can create a dramatic feel, while a short veil tends to look more playful and modern.


When it comes to jewellery, less is always more. A bold, finely-detailed wedding dress will not work well with gaudy jewellery. It is, however, possible to go too bare, especially with dress designs that bare the neck, shoulders and arms. Trying on different earrings, necklaces, and bracelets while wearing your dress will give you a good idea of where some detail could be added or taken away.

Belts and Sashes

Belts and sashes are the little miracles that many brides overlook. They can be used to define the shape of a waist, elongate it, and shorten it. A belt embellished in the right way can even draw the eye away from a wider waist and create the illusion of a cinched middle. Belts and sashes can add a bit of sparkle to a dress that may seem too plain, especially if the bride prefers not to wear too much jewellery otherwise.


You’ve chosen the dress, your hair is in place, your veil and jewellery flatter you where it counts – your last, non-negotiable accessory is confidence. A confident bride not only smiles the best for photographs, but is also able to enjoy her day with her groom and let the loveliness of it all sink in.

At Timeless Bridal Couture, we not only offer a range of elegant wedding gowns, but we also have your accessory needs covered – from veils to bridal garters. Contact us online to book an appointment today.

Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses for Your Body Type

The wedding dress is likely the most important dress a woman will ever wear, but many brides make the mistake of choosing something that is uncomfortable and unflattering. It’s important to know what your body type is, and which wedding dress styles will leave you looking and feeling your absolute best. Wearing a flattering wedding dress means using the actual dress to compensate for areas the bride may feel looks out of proportion in other styles, or even amplify certain features on her body, like height and shape. Because every bride and wedding day are unique, we cannot tell you what to wear, but we can give you some trade tips about the types of wedding dress silhouettes that will work best with your body.

The Pear Shape

A woman who carries most of her weight around her hips and derrière, with a smaller waist, bust line, and shoulder-to-hip ratio, typically has a pear-shaped silhouette. Because of an upper body that seems to be smaller, a dress with a cinched waist, like a ball gown, goes a long way towards creating a more defined torso. Slim-fit A-line dresses and shorter, flowing dresses also do well with the pear shape. Wearing capped or detailed sleeves can balance out shoulders that are narrower than hips, and embellishments on the dress’s bodice draws the eye to the top of the body to avoid looking bottom-heavy.

The Apple Shape

Unlike the pear shape, apple-shaped women tend to be top-heavy. They generally have larger busts and wider waists. Apple-shaped women tend to gain weight around their waists and can sometimes have more slender arms and legs. When choosing a wedding dress for someone with an apple shape, the idea is to give the waist some length and definition. A-line dresses with a lace-up back are a wonderful option as they pull the waist in and flare out enough at the bottom to create balance.

The Hourglass Shape

Having an hourglass shape means that your shoulders and hips are relatively the same width, while your waist measurements are significantly smaller. Because this ratio seems to be ideal for most women, it may be a good idea to try slim-fit, streamlined dresses which show these curves off. For an hourglass figure, low drop-waist wedding dresses and mermaid silhouettes seem to have the most appeal. A classic ballgown can also enhance a small waist and is a good option for a more traditional bride.

The Rectangle Shape

A rectangular body shape is often characterised by the shoulders, hips and waist all being more or less in line. These body types tend to have smaller busts too, so dress styles that emphasise the bust and give definition to the waist should be considered. A sheath dress with a cinched waist can complement a tall, slender frame. The right A-line dress can also create the illusion of curves, and works well with most athletic body types.

Brides come in all shapes and sizes, and we at Timeless Bridal Couture pride ourselves on finding the right fit for each one. The bottom line is that if you look good, you feel good, which is why we have a variety of brands and styles to cater to your needs.


Modern Wedding Dresses

Traditional with a Twist is Easy

Wedding dresses and brides have come a long way since the 1800s – thank heavens! Not only were the wedding dresses quite impractical and uncomfortable way back then, but some styles were plain ugly, doing absolutely nothing for the beautiful figures hidden beneath.

Today, many brides still love the allure of the traditional, opting to incorporate it into every aspect of their wedding day. The “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” tradition is a beautiful sentiment, and brides who treasure this search for the same endearing qualities in their wedding gown.

Even if you are a stickler for tradition (or perhaps you’re trying to appease your mom or grandmother), subtly modernising a very traditional wedding dress is a wonderful way to put your own twist on the design, and ultimately create a look which is totally unique.

Every bride wants to be unique and stand out on her wedding day, so why fade into the background as a wallflower in a traditional dress when you can be a timeless, modern bride?

With the right guidance from a professional consultant at a reputable bridal boutique, you can explore many simple ways to transform your wedding dress from plain to spectacular!

Let’s start with “something old”. No, we’re not talking about wearing your great grandmother’s wedding dress! Think lace, satin, charmeuse, chiffon, tulle, and organza. These are all beautiful traditional fabrics which designers still love and use to modernise old-style wedding dresses. Imagine yourself in our Tamela dress. This awe-inspiring wedding dress has a low back that flows out in a dramatic lace train and creates a stunning lace and sheath styled dress. Worn with simple, understated accessories, a loose, flowing hairstyle, and gorgeous shoes will make for a breathtaking modern bridal look.

Then think “something new”. Hair accessories, like combs, hair pieces, and pins, are an easy way to let your personality sparkle. Timeless Bridal Couture stocks a wide range of rose gold accessories, veils and belts, and can also custom-make accessories. There are incredibly beautiful veils to choose from and you can use a veil to modernise your look.

When it comes to “something borrowed”, make sure that you’re borrowing the best possible advice you can get from your bridal consultant on how to give your traditional dress a modern twist. Bridal consultants love to experiment, so be open minded and let their expertise guide you.

Regarding “something blue”, you’ll be pleased to know, that this a huge trend in wedding dresses today. Brides are using splashes of colour, often bright blues and yellows, to put their personal stamp on their wedding dress. It’s a playful, creative way to add an element of surprise to a traditional dress.

We can’t wait to show you how simple it is to be a stunning modern bride in a classic wedding gown. Contact Timeless Bridal Couture today. We will provide you with sound advice and guidance to help you make the right decisions regarding your wedding dress for the Big Day.    

Trends in Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses – 6 Trends You’ll Love

Every bride wants to be original on her wedding day, which is why looking through wedding dresses to find the perfect one can be a teeny bit exhausting.

Designers aren’t making it any easier either, as they shake things up every year with truly incredible styles to tantalise even the most under-stated bride.

If you thought you’re not a trendsetter, these hot trends in wedding dresses could change your mind:

    1. Colour is making its presence known at weddings across the world as brides skip traditional white for gorgeous alternatives like red, yellow, and rose. Searches for colourful wedding dresses have taken a big leap since last year and black wedding dresses are also becoming popular. We’re all for splashes of summery colours, but to be a bride in black calls for a very special style of dress. Not entirely black, the Seline from Timeless Bridal Couture is an absolute showstopper. What do you think? We love its low illusion back with embroidered lace which flows into a classic A-line with a beautifully finished lace scalloped hem. Make sure that whatever you choose suits your personality first and foremost, and that it isn’t just a celeb fad that looks good on TV.


    1. Brides want to be sexy and their online searches for wedding dresses are proving this. Backless, strapless, nude, sensual, and sheer are all perfectly acceptable ways to express your individual style and personality. Take a peek at our gorgeous sheath Bristol wedding gown. It is suggestive, yet elegant and absolutely awe-inspiring. Our Alexia is another popular choice for brides looking to take their groom’s breath away. It’s one of our most luxurious wedding dresses and it is fit for a princess. The sleek satin ballgown style has a provocative plunging neckline which is… well, breathtaking!


    1. More demure brides have also had an impact on trends. Simple silhouettes are still very much sought after by the modern bride. Le Papillon, one of the international brands we offer, has a gorgeous creation known as Suki. Wrap yourself in pure elegance with a double layer of Alençon lace appliques over soft Venice lace, complemented by a deep sweetheart neckline and delicate floral embellishment.


    1. Embroidered detail is still a top trend – and one we hope never fades! There are so many magnificent fabrics out there for wedding dresses, and you can use them to customise your look in hundreds of different ways.


    1. Accessories, especially hairclips and headpieces, are all the rage. Timeless Bridal Couture stocks a dazzling range of rose gold accessories. We can also custom make any veil, belt, or other accessory you can dream of for your dress!


    1. Traditional veils with a modern twist are allowing modern brides to make a statement. Look at the spectacular veil the bride wearing our Robin gown has chosen. You should choose a veil that complements your dress.

So, go on, be tempted by wedding dresses you never thought would suit you – you may be amazed

Wedding Dresses

7 Tips to Get Wedding Dress Shopping Off to a Great Start 

It always amazes us that as much as women love shopping for clothes, 99% of them go into a flat spin when it comes to shopping for a wedding dress.

If you stay true to yourself and your personal style, you’ll that find wedding dresses aren’t as intimidating as you think they are.

Bag these 7 helpful tips when venturing down the magical rabbit hole of wedding dresses: 

  1. Start looking around early enough, but not too early. We advise around six to eight months before the wedding. This will give you plenty of time for fittings and alterations, and to decide on the perfect accessories.
  1. Have an idea of what you want before you make an appointment with a bridal shop. With so many styles of wedding dresses out there, you must try to narrow down your choices. Flip open your laptop and page through some magazines beforehand. Our advice is to choose four choices in each of these categories: Definitely, Daring, and Don’t Know. The first will be wedding dresses you love at first sight, the second will be styles you know aren’t you at all, but you’re willing to try, and the last are styles you like but will need a little nudging on. It’s a fun exercise and very helpful too.
  1. Familiarise yourself with the terminologies surrounding wedding dresses. Fabrics are important (lace, satin, chiffon, organza, charmeuse, etc.), as are silhouettes (ballgown, A-line, fit-and-flare, mermaid, etc.). Knowing a bit of the lingo will go a long way during your bridal consultation.
  1. Go to your fitting with the bra/shapewear you plan on wearing on your wedding day. Also do your hair as closely to the style you have in mind. You’ll be surprised what a difference your hairstyle makes once you have a dress on. Don’t wear make-up, though.
  1. Think about what accessories you’d like to wear. A veil, belt, jacket, jewellery, or hair piece is a wonderful way to put the finishing touches to your look. Browse our range of beautiful accessories for some inspiration. Keep an open mind and have fun trying on accessories with your bridal consultant.
  1. Your friends are going to join in. Be prepared to “break some hearts”, because you cannot and should not take your entire crew of besties with you. Decide whose opinion you value the most (two or three family members or friends), and be sure to make it clear who has the final say (that’s you).
  1. Bridal boutiques are generally much busier on weekends, so it can be difficult to get an appointment. Try to sneak off work during the week. You want a relaxed experience. Make sure that your bridal consultant has all eyes on you in the time you’re paying for.

We’d love to help you find “the one” among the gorgeous international collections we stock at Timeless Bridal Couture. Give us a call and make an appointment with us.

Wedding Dresses

6 Ways to Keep It Simple When Shopping for Your Wedding Dress 

Going through wedding dresses to find the one you love the most can frazzle the nerves – there are just so many gorgeous styles to choose from.

Wedding dress shopping should be enjoyable, fun, and memorable, so keep your nerves intact and savour the experience by narrowing down your choices of wedding dresses.

Here are the best ways to do this:

  1. Partnering with a professional bridal boutique is a great start. You can’t just throw names into a hat and pick one out – your Big Day is just far too important! When looking for the best bridal boutique, word of mouth is powerful, so speak to friends and colleagues who have recently been married and search online reviews. It’s important to know what the bridal boutique offers, what the company history is, and where the store is located (you don’t want to be travelling far distances for appointments and fittings).
  1. Knowing what your wedding theme is going to be is also very important when looking at wedding dresses. You may love a real fairy-tale, ballgown dress, but is it the right fit for your informal beach wedding? Your dress should complement your theme.
  1. Think of five words that describe your dream wedding dress – perhaps words like classic, chic, simple, elegant, and timeless. These words speak to certain styles of wedding dresses and will make it easier for the consultant to assist you.
  1. Go through bridal magazines, browse the internet, and do some celeb stalking to find styles that catch your eye. Get these together in a visual format and look at them carefully. You’re likely to find the styles of wedding dresses you fancy have quite a few things in common – perhaps they all have open backs, lace detail, or lots of embellishment on the bodices. Clearly, this is appealing to you, so take this little vision board you’ve created along to your first bridal shop appointment. It’s a great start.
  1. As professional bridal consultants, we’ve sometimes seen that the idea a bride has in her head isn’t necessarily suitable to her body shape or personality. If you find that the styles you like aren’t working out and the consultant urges you to try some others, be open to that. Professional bridal consultants have a trained eye, and take personal style and the bride’s personality into account. By being a little adventurous, you may find out that you look unexpectedly gorgeous in some styles that you never even considered looking at. 
  1. We’ve said it before but it’s worth mentioning again (and again, and again) – don’t take all 10 bridesmaids, your mom, and future mom-in-law with to your consultation. A few close friends or family members, whose opinions you value and trust, is all that you need. Too much input, no matter how constructive and loving, may see you sitting in the corner with the bottle of champagne, while the rest decide on wedding dresses! Keep it simple and relaxed – less is more.

If you’re looking for a professional, reputable bridal boutique, give us a call today. Your dream dress is waiting.

Wedding Dresses

Be Bold in Being Yourself on Your Wedding Day 

Your wedding day is a unique opportunity to be just that… unique, in every way. Keep this in mind when viewing and fitting wedding dresses.

Did you know that white wedding dresses never actually symbolised purity, but rather wealth? It was very hard work to wash clothes by hand in the 18th century – you would only wear a white garment once, so those who were married in white were seen as rich and upper class.

All we can say is thank goodness that times have changed! In fact, times have changed so much that today’s brides often “upcycle” their wedding dresses to wear at other formal or fun occasions. Just small tweaks here and there, and their wedding dresses become party showstoppers.

This is typical of today’s fashion-conscious bride. Brides opting for something-out-of-the-ordinary in a wedding dress are often seen as daring and rebellious, and we love that, as it’s all about personal taste.

There are many styles of wedding dresses which should pique the interest of adventurous brides. But, when viewing wedding dresses, you aren’t likely to have the picture in your head appear on a hanger in front of you. So, keep an open mind and speak to your bridal consultant about what you envision and how particular wedding dresses could be altered to fit that image.

At Timeless Bridal Couture, we have a seamstress on site, making it easy for our brides to play around with ideas and work with a true professional who knows wedding dresses.

Some of the ways in which you could translate your style into a truly unique wedding dress:

  • Shorter hem in the front and longer at the back
  • Pops of colour
  • Delicate or bold lace
  • Illusion necklines
  • Sheer skirts
  • Accessories, including hair jewellery (we stock a gorgeous selection of rose gold accessories)

Take a look at this stunning princess-style wedding dress from Stella York. It exudes elegance and romance, and there’s no danger of this gorgeous design clashing with your theme or your groom. Remember, you can add your own touch to this dress, as with many other wedding dresses, to really put your personalised stamp on it.

Another one of our wedding dresses which stands out from the crowd is the Alexia. There are wedding dresses and there are wedding dresses – and then there’s the Alexia!  It is a luxurious wedding dress fit for a princess, yet its sleek satin ballgown style with a plunging v-neckline is fabulously chic and modern. Simply breathtaking!

For brides looking at wedding dresses that have more than just the princess factor – we’re talking queen factor – look no further than our Ariane (with or without overskirt). This is one of those wedding dresses nobody will forget. Add the dramatic lace overskirt to make a unique statement in this magnificent dress.

These are just a few of the wedding dresses you’ll find at Timeless Bridal Couture. Whatever you vision, we have a wedding dress to fit your unique style and creativity. Come see for yourself.

Wedding Dresses

5 Big No-Nos When Wedding Dress Shopping

The old adage of the “early bird catches the worm” is a good fit for many things in life, but not when it comes to shopping for a wedding dress. In fact, shopping too early is one of the most common mistakes brides make when it comes to wedding dresses.

It has been our experience that the thrill of the engagement often sweeps the bride-to-be into a frenzy of organising. Wedding dresses are definitely one of the first things that come to mind, and before the bride knows it, she’s standing in a boutique surrounded by hundreds of wedding dresses, without a clue of where to start.

Not only is the rushed approach unnecessary and potentially flawed (for many reasons), but the most common reason why you shouldn’t be fitting on wedding dresses more than six to eight months before the wedding is that your body is bound to change in the build-up to the wedding.

Planning is essential to success when entering the world of wedding dresses, so be patient and think carefully about what you want and how you want to feel in your wedding dress.

There are quite a few common pitfalls brides find themselves in when embarking on a journey with wedding dresses.

Here are five that we’ve seen cause the most unnecessary stress:

  1. Shopping too late – This can be worse than shopping too early. Nothing spells stress like hastily having to fly through racks of wedding dresses. Give yourself and your service provider enough time (six to eight months at least), so that yours is bound to be one of those wedding dresses nobody will forget.
  1. Save the entourage for your Big Day – The styles of wedding dresses you like won’t be to everyone’s taste, and while you want input from friends and family, you don’t want 20 of them commenting at once on all the wedding dresses you try on. Take a max of two people with you whose opinions you value and trust.
  1. Eliminate confusion – Achieve this by picking out no more than 10 wedding dresses that you like and only trying these on. Wedding dresses are available in so many stunning designs that it is easy to be tempted into trying on hundreds of wedding dresses, but don’t do this to yourself.
  1. Say “no” to the dress if you must – Regardless of the circumstances or who is paying for the dress, don’t buy a wedding dress that you don’t absolutely love. The way wedding dresses make brides feel is 90% of the reason why we love them so much, so make sure that yours will turn you into the princess or classic belle that you have envisioned.
  1. Keep it real – It’s great to go online and see what’s trending and which wedding dresses the stars are wearing, but don’t be obsessed with social media and online trends. Stay true to who you are, and everything will fall into place beautifully.

At Timeless Bridal Couture, we strive to give all our brides an exceptional and memorable experience. Come along and view our wedding dresses. Contact us for an appointment today.

Wedding Dresses

Take First Prize for Best-Dressed 

Half the fun and excitement of a wedding is that the bride, groom, and bridal party get to dress up. Whether you’re thinking romantic and nostalgic, or chic and elegant, you’ll have a lot of fun exploring wedding dresses to suit your theme.

Vintage-inspired wedding dresses, made from gorgeous lace or satin, are best suited to a chic, sophisticated theme, like the 1920s. These styles of wedding dresses are generally embellished with pearls or crystals, and should sweep the floor as you make your way down the aisle. What we love about vintage-inspired wedding dresses is that they easily lend themselves to “something new”, so be a bit adventurous and original, even if your theme is nostalgic.

Fairy tales can come true for princess brides who want to feel like Cinderella on their wedding day. If you’re leaning towards wedding dresses which take you back to childhood dreams of Prince Charming, a ball gown silhouette is a perfect start. Be the belle of your ball in one of these wedding dresses, available in various designs, and materials such as gorgeous lace, tulle, and organza. What we love about the princess look is that ball gown wedding dresses are varied. They can be floor or knee-length, and can be strapless, V-neck or sweetheart, with many other unique variations. And, let’s not forget the gorgeous sparkly detail these wedding dresses love showing off. Fit for a princess, indeed.

As beach weddings have become more popular, designers of wedding dresses have pulled out all the stops to wow brides who want to feel sand between their toes. If you’re heading for the beach on your Big Day, think about comfort first. You should be exploring wedding dresses that are lightweight and hassle-free. We love chiffon for a beach wedding dress – it’s airy, light, and flattering. Beach brides have a lot of scope to personalise their look to match their theme without altering the dress dramatically. We believe simple elegance is the way to go with beach wedding dresses.

Flirty wedding dresses are very popular too, especially if you’re going for a fun theme, like perhaps a 1950s carnival theme. Think tea-length, just below the knee, and personalised touches, like perhaps capped sleeves, an embellished bodice, or a pastel underskirt. We recommend looking for wedding dresses made from organza, if you really want to put a bounce in your step. You’ll be on cloud nine!

Many brides want nothing short of glamour on their Big Day. Make a statement in a shimmering body-hugging fishtail gown to show off your curves, and go for a V-neck or sweetheart neckline. Diamanté is your best friend when it comes to finishing off these types of wedding dresses.

While there are thousands of gorgeous wedding dresses to choose from, be inventive about incorporating your personal style into the dress and into your theme. Let’s help you win first prize for best-dressed! Contact Timeless Bridal Couture today, and we will be happy to assist you.