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Making Your Designer Wedding Dress Work for Your Venue

One of the first things on a bride’s mind after the big question has been popped concerns her wedding dress. Whether or not most people know it, their wedding attire and venue usually follow a set theme. Without a general direction in terms of aesthetics, your wedding can look out of harmony. Your wedding dress, venue, and décor are going to determine the feel and ambience for the day, so it’s important to get it right.

So, what comes first, the wedding dress or the venue? We’d like to argue both. A bride’s tastes usually fall into two or three categories that can be applied to both the dress and the venue. With a designer dress, though, a bride can expect this to be the focal point of the wedding, and her venue and décor will have to mesh well with her style. A designer wedding dress makes a big statement, so you need to be prepared to adjust your venue accordingly to avoid a clash. A sparkling ballgown dress, for example, might look out of place for a beach wedding. We have compiled a simple list to help you place your designer wedding dress in the ideal venue for optimal consonance.

Barns, Farms, and Country Chic

Rustic, casual, and ideal for artsy DIY décor, farm-type venues can be stunning. For these types of venues, bohemian glamour fits perfectly into the scenic backdrop. In this category, we simply adore the Balimena designer dress by La Sposa, which is made of lace and chiffon for a flowy, free-spirited look.

Castles and Mansions

Straight out of the pages of a history book, castles and mansions with their high walls and manicured gardens tell the story of royalty, grandeur, and splendour. A beautiful princess-styled ballgown with a full skirt and detailed bodice is exactly the type of statement designer dress needed for such a venue. Our personal pick here is the SY6732 design by Stella York, with hundreds of small, gleaming pearls embellishing the delicate off-the-shoulder straps, and large ballgown skirt to match.

Outdoor Spaces

Opulent botanical gardens, vineyards, wineries, game reserves, and billowing veils in soft breezes are an opportunity for some truly magnificent photographs. For these venues, we love some plunging necklines and flowing skirts. From the Modeca collection, we favour the Alexia design for a more clean, crisp look, and the Demetria with its flowing empire waist for more care-free brides who want a wedding dress that gets caught by the wind.

Modern Weddings

For weddings set in venues like “blank slate” lofts, hotels, country clubs, or other modern spaces, we recommend sleek, figure-hugging dresses with low backs. One such dress is the luxurious and laced Beautiful wedding dress by Le Papillon. By the same designer brand, the Templeton is a dramatic crêpe dress with a clean look to complement minimalistic venues.

If designer wedding dresses are what you are looking for, we at Timeless Bridal Couture have a wide selection of dresses to complement every venue. Book your appointment with us today.



Bridal Gowns Johannesburg

Bridal Gowns That Keep Up With Johannesburg Trends

When thinking of fashion in South Africa, many people point to Cape Town with pride, but forget her budding sister, the beautiful city of Johannesburg. This year, in fact, South African Fashion Week (SAFW) took place in Sandton, Johannesburg. Another celebration of all things vogue is Soweto Fashion Week, which gave us a look at new and upcoming designers. Johannesburg is definitely populated by some fashionable people. Below we have compiled a list of some of the most gorgeous trends for bridal gowns that our Johannesburg brides love.

Loud and Proud Colours

Embracing all that is bold and bright, Johannesburg brides are moving away from crisp, white bridal gowns and making use of stark contrasts, such as red, ultra-violet, or even hot pink. We have seen a rise in soft petal pinks, dusty lavenders, champagnes, serenity blues, and even light celadon greens.

Baring Some Skin

Backless bridal gowns, plunging necklines, and nearly-naked impressions are gracing weddings all over the country, and nothing seems off limits for our brave South African brides. Sensual and seductive, this is one trend that we can’t get enough of.

Statement Veils

Fresh from the Royal wedding, statement veils are featuring this season. Simple, understated bridal gowns are taken to the next level with veils that leave a legacy. Fringes, beads, pearls, and appliqué can take a plain veil from drab to dazzling.

Enthralling Embellishments

Nothing is more delicate and romantic than white or nude tulle embellished with intricate detail. Floral lace, embroidery, or beautiful beads are enough to make any Johannesburg bride feel like her wedding day is a fairy tale.

Timeless and Traditional

Certain themes never go out of style, one of them being the “traditional” wedding look. This season, in contrast to plunging necklines, we also see high necklines, long sleeves, and even a comeback of the vintage gigot style bridal gown. These feminine, classic looks are already cemented in the bridal hall of fame and will forever be, in some form or another, trending.

Hair Accessories

A rose gold hair accessory is a statement piece that can be used in a number of ways. Classic hair combs with floral detailing are ideal for vintage-loving or boho brides, while hair vines can turn a wedding dress into a fairy tale straight out of a fantasy novel. Hairpins and clips create a dainty, exquisite appearance for those demure brides who still want to add some allure to their bridal attire.

At Timeless Bridal Couture, we keep up with international and local trends to give our brides as many options as possible. We embrace femininity and our carefully selected collection is aimed at flattering every silhouette and womanly charm. This is the dress that you will remember for the rest of your life, so you cannot take any shortcuts. Book your consultation with us today for expert advice, attentive bridal styling, and some of the most gorgeous bridal gowns you have ever laid eyes upon. We look forward to assisting you with choosing your dream wedding dress.

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4 Style Inspirations for the Modern Bride

 Royal wedding fever is in the air and there’s nothing more romantic and fairy-tale-like. The royals certainly have weddings down to a fine art.

Back in the ‘80s when Prince Charles and Lady Diana married, her dress was regarded as a showstopper. It was created by David and Elizabeth Emanuel, and it was a stunning ivory silk taffeta gown with puffed shoulders and a billowing skirt over a crinoline petticoat, using fabric produced by tens of thousands of silkworms in Dorset, all embellished and dazzling with sequins and a staggering 10 000 pearls… followed by a 7,6-m long train!

It may seem over the top, but Princess Diana’s wedding gown inspired women all over the world to have a fairy-tale wedding day, complete with extravagant receptions, fabulously huge dresses, horse-drawn coaches, and even tiaras.

Bridal gowns may have changed dramatically since then, but one thing remains the same – every bride wants a memorable wedding day – and, for her gown to be a showstopper.

Create your fairy-tale wedding with inspiration from these exquisite trends for the modern bride:

  • Black is a big trend in contemporary bridal gowns

It won’t be for everyone and some brides would never even consider incorporating black into a traditional wedding dress. But, accents of black added to a classic white wedding dress can create a stunning look of a classic style with a bold modern trend. If this has piqued your interest, we suggest that you at least try on some bridal gowns along these lines. You may be very pleasantly surprised. Take a look at the Seline dress. Isn’t it simply gorgeous?

  • Illusion fabric goes hand in hand with a fairytale wedding

It’s seductive yet elegant, and the perfect way to show a little skin. Use it on sleeves, bodices or backs for an unforgettable modern twist.

  • Plunging V necklines continue to be a popular choice of modern brides

These bridal gowns are alluring and sophisticated. The trend isn’t for everyone, as it’s definitely risqué, but a clever bridal consultant will help you refine the neckline to make it just right for your personality. Be inspired by our stunning Bolivia dress with its dreamy tulle skirt and super sexy, elegant neckline. You’ll feel like a fairy princess femme fatale in this plunging V neck!

  • Off the shoulder is hugely popular

Wedding gowns in this style are a firm favourite among both daring and demure brides, with the option to cover up a bit with an over-the-shoulder draped shawl or bare all and be brave. The style is classic and is a logical progression from the recent resurgence of one-shoulder wedding gowns. We love off-the-shoulder dresses because they’re romantic, cheeky, and timeless.

We have a lot more to inspire your modern fairy tale. Come see for yourself at Timeless Bridal Couture. Contact us to make your appointment. We look forward to helping you find the perfect dress for you. As our name suggests, not only do our dresses reflect current trends, but they are also timeless in their designs.


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Perfectly Simple Tips for Choosing a Bridal Gown 

You wouldn’t want anything but perfection in a bridal gown, would you? Timeless Bridal Couture, a supplier of exquisite designer bridal gowns from Europe, has assisted brides from all walks of life find the picture-perfect dress. We understand this journey and what is required from us and our brides to reach this point.

Here’s our “PERFECT” little guide to finding faultless bridal gowns: 


Like most things in life, if you want a good end result with minimum stress, plan ahead. Nothing could be more crucial when looking for wedding gowns. Start at least six to eight months in advance, if you want to fit everything in – the consultation, choosing a dress, placing the order, alterations, fittings and accessories. Starting all of this well in advance reduces unnecessary stress for everyone involved.


You love your girlfriends and they’re all going to be bridesmaids – all eight of them! Oh, then there’s your new mom-in-law-to-be, your own mom, and three sisters! Please don’t take them all along to your consultation. They may have the best of intentions, but too many cooks will definitely spoil the broth when you’re wedding dress shopping. Take one or two of your confidants with you (who will give you honest and constructive criticism) to minimise confusion and becoming overwhelmed.


You only have a limited period of time with the consultant, so be realistic about what will suit you and what won’t. With expert guidance, you can narrow down the styles, instead of jumping in and out of all the gowns in the store, and wasting the opportunity to choose the dress that’s perfect for your body shape, skin tone, personality and occasion.


Ask about fittings. The first should be at least six to eight weeks before the wedding, and the final one should be two weeks before the Big Day.


Visualise how you want your dress to make you feel on your wedding day. Is it sexy? Understated? Modern? Playful? This is an important guide to finding the perfect dress, so think about what you need from your dress on your Big Day and share this vision with your consultant.


You are likely to be in your wedding dress for at least 12 hours on the day of the wedding. Don’t compromise on comfort during fittings. If something doesn’t feel right, try other styles of dresses or continue with alterations until you feel the problem is resolved. No bride wants a scratchy neckline, too-tight corset, or pinching sleeves to contend with on the most important day of their life!


If you’re not 100% happy about something (the consultation, dress, alterations or accessories) tell your consultant. Constructive feedback is best to ensure that your dress-shopping journey remains exciting. If you don’t tell your consultant what you like and dislike, they can’t help you find the perfect bridal gowns!

Contact Timeless Bridal Couture to make an appointment at your convenience.

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Timeless Bridal Couture: For Bridal Gowns that will Make You Swoon

You are getting married soon, and nobody and nothing is going to get in the way of you finding the perfect wedding gown for your wedding. It is not just about impressing the main guy – your new husband. It is also about a lot more than that! You need to look perfect on your day. You have to glow, and your happiness has to shine throughout the entire ceremony and well after. The dress you choose should reflect the ceremony, the glamour and the romance of the day. This means that your choice of bridal gown is not easy to make.

This is why you need a first-class bridal boutique on your side. The role of a bridal shop is not only to sell you the bridal gown that will make your dreams come true, but it is also to accommodate and indulge you on a number of other important counts. You need the expert eye of an experienced bridal consultant – who else is going to inform you about the difficulties of a tied corset or a hooped skirt when you need it the most? You need to find a consultant that will recommend the best bridal gowns for your occasion.

There are many bridal gowns out there, and not all of us look good in all of them. But wearing a well-designed wedding dress can turn heads and make you feel like a million bucks. It can also emphasise your best features and hide the not-so-desirable bits, which is worth its weight in gold. This is where your bridal consultant plays a role – they can provide you with the best options for your figure and your occasion, without breaking the bank.

You have to make an appointment with a supplier of bridal gowns that you love. Do some research about your favourite designers and see who stocks these types of bridal gowns in your area. It is always best to keep your bridal boutiques local – this will mean that you are able to make appointments for fittings with ease and comfort, and that you don’t have to book off hours in your schedule to travel to the chosen bridal shop.

Often, brides are bullied by the in-laws, the mother or the sisters into making choices that do not necessarily fit the image that they aspire to, and it is important that the bride makes the final decision about her dress, and that she is not pressured into choosing a dress that doesn’t suit her. This can be quite difficult to achieve, but with the right bridal consultant on your side, you will be on a winning streak and able to view and try on a wide range of bridal gowns that will suit your taste.

For a wide range of stunning bridal gowns, give our consultants at Timeless Bridal Couture a call. We would just love to help you find the best bridal gown for you and your wedding.