Perfectly Simple Tips for Choosing a Bridal Gown 

You wouldn’t want anything but perfection in a bridal gown, would you? Timeless Bridal Couture, a supplier of exquisite designer bridal gowns from Europe, has assisted brides from all walks of life find the picture-perfect dress. We understand this journey and what is required from us and our brides to reach this point.

Here’s our “PERFECT” little guide to finding faultless bridal gowns: 


Like most things in life, if you want a good end result with minimum stress, plan ahead. Nothing could be more crucial when looking for wedding gowns. Start at least six to eight months in advance, if you want to fit everything in – the consultation, choosing a dress, placing the order, alterations, fittings and accessories. Starting all of this well in advance reduces unnecessary stress for everyone involved.


You love your girlfriends and they’re all going to be bridesmaids – all eight of them! Oh, then there’s your new mom-in-law-to-be, your own mom, and three sisters! Please don’t take them all along to your consultation. They may have the best of intentions, but too many cooks will definitely spoil the broth when you’re wedding dress shopping. Take one or two of your confidants with you (who will give you honest and constructive criticism) to minimise confusion and becoming overwhelmed.


You only have a limited period of time with the consultant, so be realistic about what will suit you and what won’t. With expert guidance, you can narrow down the styles, instead of jumping in and out of all the gowns in the store, and wasting the opportunity to choose the dress that’s perfect for your body shape, skin tone, personality and occasion.


Ask about fittings. The first should be at least six to eight weeks before the wedding, and the final one should be two weeks before the Big Day.


Visualise how you want your dress to make you feel on your wedding day. Is it sexy? Understated? Modern? Playful? This is an important guide to finding the perfect dress, so think about what you need from your dress on your Big Day and share this vision with your consultant.


You are likely to be in your wedding dress for at least 12 hours on the day of the wedding. Don’t compromise on comfort during fittings. If something doesn’t feel right, try other styles of dresses or continue with alterations until you feel the problem is resolved. No bride wants a scratchy neckline, too-tight corset, or pinching sleeves to contend with on the most important day of their life!


If you’re not 100% happy about something (the consultation, dress, alterations or accessories) tell your consultant. Constructive feedback is best to ensure that your dress-shopping journey remains exciting. If you don’t tell your consultant what you like and dislike, they can’t help you find the perfect bridal gowns!

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