Long sleeved wedding dresses can offer brides an air of true luxury and charm. They are perfect for winter or autumn occasions, allowing brides to ward off the chill, all the while embodying elegance and charm. Long-sleeved gowns also offer brides an abundance of versatility when it comes to fabric, length, and design. Moreover, this style works beautifully with an array of wedding dress designs. These gowns amalgamate style with practicality, making them a popular choice for many brides.

Lace Long Sleeved Wedding Dress From Stella York - 7478 Long Sleeve - Front View

When it comes to long sleeved wedding dresses, three of our gorgeous options include:

  • This stunning design blends floral, lacey designs with modernity, offering a detailed twist on the conventional classic lace gown. The floating lace effect offers an intricate, tattoo-like effect on the arms and pairs exquisitely with the open-back design. This dress could work wonderfully for winter months with a cape or bolero but would also work for warmer months thanks to the floating materials.
  • Stella York Long Sleeve 7478: Next up is the gorgeous Stella York wedding dress design. This gorgeous gown offers intricate swirling lacey designs and combines this with a plunging V-shaped neckline. The bold bodice pairs perfectly with the lacey sleeves. This is the perfect design to highlight curves and embody opulence with the lace appliques and figure-hugging design.
  • Fresno: The Fresno design combines an elegant crepe skirt with a gorgeous lace train and intricate sleeves. The mermaid design hugs the figure perfectly and offers newfound elegance with its mermaid style and cascading design. This gorgeous long-sleeve dress combines grace, elegance, and style.

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