4 Reasons We Adore Simple Wedding Dresses


For self-proclaimed minimalist brides, less is always more – and we cannot fault this logic when looking at the gorgeous 2021 line-up of global bridal gown trends. Yes, simple wedding dresses are trending again, and this suits plenty of brides just fine, as there is certainly something timelessly elegant about an uncomplicated, uncluttered gown. Simplistic chic comes with several benefits too, mainly that such gowns are exceptionally versatile in their wearability and give the bride a lot of creative freedom when it comes to how she wishes to wear it. If you are considering looking into simple wedding dresses and minimalist designs for your special day, keep reading below on why we think it’s a superb idea.


  1. They Make a Statement


One look at our Stella York 7151 gown or the Alexia dress by Modeca will prove that understated does not have to mean boring. In fact, in a world of frills and embellishments, dressing down makes a bold impact. Wedding dresses without over-the-top detailing catch the eye because of their unobtrusive honesty, and often complement a bride who isn’t afraid to show herself without hiding behind a sea of intricacies.


  1. You Can Enjoy Effortless Beauty


Some wedding dresses are so gaudy the bride and all her accessories are drowned out. Simple bridal gowns are unpretentious in that they merely make use of lines and form to contribute to the bride’s beauty. This adds to a naturally vibrant, uncomplicated, and easy look, and stands out in stark contrast to a more intricate hairstyle or detailed bouquet.


  1. Accessorise How You Like


Simple wedding dresses create a clean canvas upon which to work – this leaves a bride’s options open when it comes to hairstyling, make-up, and accessories. With a gown with simpler lines, you are free to boast that bold necklace or wear a bright red lip. Light fabrics and clean lines also leave room for a statement veil, belt or sash, and can even be repurposed later for other occasions.


  1. They’ll Always Be in Vogue


Simple wedding dresses are timeless – this means you will never look back and regret your gown. It also means that your gown can be passed on to someone else, such as your daughter one day, and modifying it to their taste won’t be difficult at all. In the end, a minimalistic gown is the best way to highlight your figure, draw attention to your face, and match the aesthetic of your theme and venue.


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