What to Do with That Wedding Dress After Your Big Day

Once your wedding day has come and gone, you may find yourself stuck with plenty of décor and food. Your priority, however, is your dress. While for some it may seem a waste to buy a bridal gown just for one day, others wish to keep the gown in their family for decades to come and find the purchase well worth it. If you have purchased a stunning wedding dress and feel unsure as to what to do with it, then have a look below where we discuss some of your options.

Take It for a Cleaning and Repairs

After your reception, you will likely head off on honeymoon, so it is best to ask someone close to you to take your gown in for a post-use cleaning and repair services. You may not realise it, but your gown will take a beating on your Big Day. Outdoor photoshoots, waltzing on a busy dance floor, and even just socialising with your guests is enough to cause rips in the hem and a stain or two. Cleaning your wedding dress as soon as possible will remove dust, grime, and dirt, which could lead to the material decaying over time.

Store It Somewhere Safe

Your best option is to store your gown in a preservation box with the oxygen vacuumed from it. If this is not possible, then wrapping it in acid-free tissue paper and acid-free plastic will do. Avoid regular vacuum-sealed plastic, as this will eventually yellow your wedding dress. Hang the ensemble upright by its loops attached to the seams to avoid stretching or sagging the material. Place the gown in a cool, dark space devoid of harsh temperatures and humidity.

Create Something New

Some brides choose to save their gowns for their daughters, while others recycle the material into something they can see or use every day. Bits of lace for a scrapbook, framing some applique detailing, and even turning the gown into a christening dress for a baby are all ways to preserve and prolong the memory of your spectacular day.

Resell the Gown

You can sell your gown after wearing it and make some profit. Just ensure, though, that before you sell it, you have it professionally cleaned and repaired. Be honest with the buyer about the sizing and condition of the dress.

If you would like to clean, repair, or look into a resell option for your wedding dress (when originally purchased from our collection), then feel free to contact us.