Finding the Perfect Dress – One Step at a Time 

Most brides are jittery and anxious when it comes to looking at wedding gowns. This is quite normal, but we don’t believe that finding “the one” among dozens of wedding gowns needs to be all-consuming and stressful.

Perhaps half the anxiety comes from everyone believing that wedding gowns are all perfect and beautiful, so how could a bride possibly be expected to make the right choice.

Well, not all wedding gowns are created equal. And, neither are brides, which is why even if you are confronted by hanger upon hanger of gorgeous wedding gowns, you’ll know which is right for you – with a little help from our 4-step wedding gown shopping guide:

Step 1

Take a deep breath. Don’t get yourself into a panic over wedding gowns you haven’t even looked at yet. Approach looking at wedding gowns with an open mind and excited heart. Leave the stressful bits for the professionals to handle (that’s our job). Finding your perfect dress should be as memorable as the wedding itself.

Step 2

Analyse your style. What type of a bride are you? Look at which styles of clothing you usually wear and buy, which accessories appeal to you, and how you like to wear your hair. Remember that the girl your groom fell in love with and wants to marry is you, not some celebrity who wouldn’t even have to look at wedding gowns (as they’d just have the “perfect” dress designed and delivered). You are you, so stay true to your style. Wedding gowns are available in so many variations and can also be altered to incorporate any little unique extras you may want, that there is no need to deviate from the true you. Let your personality and personal style be the stars of the show as you walk down the aisle.

Step 3

Know what your mood is. Your dress shouldn’t clash with the theme of your wedding, so before you start scrutinising wedding gowns, know what the theme and “flavour” of your wedding are going to be. Factors like day or night, garden or banquet hall, or barefoot or black tie will play a role in the theme of the wedding, which is what your gown should radiate, from head to toe..

Step 4

What’s your shape? Just because you still consider yourself a princess and a pink glittery ballroom is your idea of a dream wedding, this does not mean that a ballroom silhouette wedding gown will be the perfect dress for you. Wedding gowns are so magical because they accentuate our best bits and hide the not-so-best bits – but only if you accept the shape your body is and use this as a firm guideline to choosing the right silhouette. While there are no hard and fast rules, you ultimately want to feel fabulous on your wedding day, so the wedding gowns you try on that don’t make you feel confident and comfortable are probably not the right styles for you.

Get these four aspects down, and you’re halfway to finding your perfect wedding gown! Let our experts at Timeless Bridal Couture embark on this exciting journey with you.