4 Ways to Accessorise Wedding Gowns

Accessorising bridal gowns is the new trend on which we love to keep our eye. Who does not adore the creative bridal ideas designers and social media influences come up with? With your wedding day coming up, you may be seeking to add a unique flair to an otherwise traditional event. If you want to keep it subtle, we recommend accessorising.

So, how does one go about accessorising a bridal dress? Wedding gowns often come with plenty of embellishments and more than enough bling to draw the eye, but that is no reason why one cannot complement the ensemble with a touch of glamour. If you are interested in a few interesting ways of accessorising wedding gowns of all shapes and styles, then have a look at our top four list.

Elevate Your Gown with a Statement Veil

Originating from ancient Greek and Roman cultures, veils were originally brightly coloured fabric thrown over the bride in an attempt to make the bride look like a flame. This flame supposedly kept evil spirits at bay as the bride’s father led her down the aisle so she would not fall. Today, thankfully, veils symbolise the uncovering of beauty as a bride shows her face to her groom. Statement veils always transform simple wedding gowns into a classic look.

Decorated Belts and Sashes

If you enjoy the look of a perfectly cinched waist, then a bridal belt or sash is ideal for you. Find something heavily embellished to put on the middle of your waist, or a delicate, muted sash to capture interest. The fun thing about belts is that you can try on as many as you like with ease before making your selection.

Your Make-Up Can Flatter Your Dress

Never underestimate the power of smokey eyes and a nude lip. The kind of bridal look you are going for, be it boho-chic, vintage, or contemporary, will benefit from your make-up. When applied correctly, your make-up is actually a powerful accessory that can emphasise everything from the shimmer of your dress to the colours in your floral bouquet.

Minimal Jewellery

If you do plan to wear jewellery, such as bracelets, necklaces, or earrings, remember that less is more. You want your dress to speak for itself, and over-accessorising with bold, bawdy jewels may steal from the overall visual. Stick to delicate, dainty items that add a hint of sparkle here and there instead of something too forward.

Need some style advice? We at Timeless Bridal Couture have an experienced team of stylists ready to help you perfect your look. With a range of dazzling accessories ideal for gowns of any style, you will be spoilt for choice.