In Pretoria East or West, Which Style is Best? 

There’s excitement in the air at our bridal boutique in Pretoria East. There is just something very special about spring – even our wedding dresses have an extra shimmer to them! Let’s face it, there is little that compares to a bride photographed against a backdrop of Pretoria’s stunningly unique Jacaranda trees. This purple brilliance which engulfs the city in summer is a bridal paradise.

As you look back on your wedding photos over the years, your dress will be one of the most memorable aspects, so make sure that your memories are wonderful and not cringe-worthy! The first step in achieving this is by choosing the right style of wedding dress at the right bridal store in Pretoria East.

Start with your body type. Figure out if you have an hourglass, apple, lean, or straight body type. Most women don’t fit neatly into one category, so if you don’t, that’s perfectly fine. You could fall in between two different body types. The secret is to accentuate your best assets and hide the less favourable.

By knowing your body type, you can narrow down the wedding dresses you take into the fitting room. Remember you have a limited time with your bridal consultant, so make the most of it by steering away from styles which won’t suit you.

Do, however, be a bit adventurous. Be flexible and open to suggestions when it comes to styles. Trust your consultant’s instincts and advice. They do, after all, live and breathe wedding dresses for a living – and this is most likely your very first experience with wedding dresses. An open mind may land you a style you never considered, and which works magic for your body type.

We’ve assisted brides in Pretoria East who have an adventurous, outgoing personality. Their dilemma was they wanted a fun or slightly daring wedding dress, but knew this wouldn’t go down very well for the formal ceremony. We can advise on ways of covering up for a more demure look during the ceremony. These simple adjustments can act as a guise for the real style of dress, and can easily be adjusted once the bride is at the reception.

If you’re taking girlfriends or family along for support, be sure you’re the one in control throughout your consultation. Everyone has good intentions, but don’t let their opinions sway you completely from what you had in mind simply because it’s not what they’d choose. It is your wedding dress! Never lose sight of that. Our advice is to only take one or two close friends or family members with you who will offer constructive feedback.

It may not always be possible, but it really is important, we believe, to have the underwear you’re going to wear on your wedding day with you when you try dresses on. The undergarments do affect the way a dress fits and looks, so keep this in mind.

Love your style of wedding dress. Let us help you find it. Book an appointment with one of our bridal consultants in Pretoria East today.