4 Mistakes People Make When Shopping for Wedding Dresses in Pretoria

Choosing a wedding dress should be fun, right? It is the part that most brides really look forward to, yet choosing a wedding dress that will suit the occasion, and represent the personality and style of the bride can be a little daunting, and sometimes mistakes are made. After all, it is the dress of all dresses! it is the dress that will be seen on many photographs and wedding videos. Often, there are articles about “How to pick out a dress” or “Tips on choosing the best wedding dress”, but there isn’t a lot of information out there about what NOT to do when shopping for a bridal gown.

Here are some of the typical mistakes brides make in the process of finding and selecting the best wedding dress, and how to avoid these!

1. Don’t get pulled in by television: Most brides-to-be tend to binge-watch programmes like “Say Yes to the Dress” and other similar wedding-related shows. Don’t think that your experience of choosing a dress is going to be the same – don’t expect to have those fantastically emotional moments when you find the right dress and you cry, your mom cries and everybody hugs each other in moments of overwhelming joy. More often than not, there are no angels or choirs, and sometimes even very little emotion. Your reaction may be very different – you may just love the dress and say so. With or without waterworks from your wedding dress posse. Don’t focus on the emotion, just focus on the dress, and keep it simple.

2. Don’t leave it to the last minute: Timing is essential when it comes to finding your dress for the Big Day. Not only do the fittings and alterations take time, but if you are ordering a dress from overseas, you will need to factor in the time that it will take for the dress to be delivered. You don’t want to be stressed out the month before your wedding because your dress is not ready! In order to avoid this stress and make your wedding planning as enjoyable as possible, it is advisable that you start looking for your wedding dress at least six months before your wedding day.

3. Don’t just stand: We know the drill – we put on a dress, it looks fantastic, we admire it in the mirror, we love it, we buy it. This is the one thing you should not do! While you will be spending a lot of time standing up, remember that you also have to sit and dance in the dress. Before making a final decision, spend some time in the dress moving about, and sit down for a while to see how comfortable the dress is. You will also have to eat and drink during the reception, and a dress that restricts movement around the abdomen can get incredibly uncomfortable.

4. Don’t forget about your fiancé: While choosing between dresses, we often focus on what we want and what our girlfriends think is trendy. But remember that the person you are ultimately trying to impress is your husband-to-be. Are you stuck between a lace dress and a silk dress? Ask your fiancé whether he thinks you will look better in lace or in silk. He may just hate lace and while your friends thought lace was better, looking good for the love of your life is more important.

If you need more tips on what NOT to do while choosing a bridal gown, come to our shop in Pretoria to choose your wedding dress. Make an appointment and we will give you undivided attention to ensure that you don’t make any mistakes!