Three Mistakes to Avoid When Looking for Wedding Dresses in Pretoria

If you live in Pretoria with your nuptials beckoning and you are in the market for the perfect wedding dress, there are some things you need to know before you start. While hunting down the most awesome wedding dresses in Pretoria may be a very exciting prospect, it could turn into a nasty nightmare when you make certain mistakes.

To help you make this search easier, we have at least three common mistakes that people often make when looking for their dream dresses and which you should avoid.

Leave the Entourage at Home

Prospective brides often think that one of the most fun things about looking for a wedding dress would be bringing along a whole posse of girlfriends and perhaps even your mother and soon-to-be mother-in-law. This cannot be further from the truth! While a group of giggling girls sipping bubbly during a fitting can have its hilarities, it is far from constructive.

Choosing a dress is serious business and if you are faced with a range of contradictory opinions it can only muddy the waters. Even if you have a good understanding of what type of dress or look you want, your ideas can soon be steered off course by the opposing views of your precious posse. This means that you may well end up with a dress that someone else chose for you and not the one you wanted for yourself.

You cannot keep everybody happy and, essentially, the only one that needs to be happy with your dress is you. Bring along two to three trustworthy sidekicks who can subtly voice opinions without trying to decide for you. This will avoid confusion and you will end up with a dress that you really want – not the one your friends think you should wear.

Avoid Wedding Gown Overload

Trying on lots of different dresses may sound like fun, but it can only lead to confusion, hesitation to purchase and despondency. Avoid trying on every dress you see – get an idea of what type of dress you like and select around six to ten gowns in this style to try on. This will help to prevent the dress fatigue that comes with shuffling in and out of all the wedding dresses over a couple of weeks.

Accessorising too early

It is quite easy to fall into this trap. While you are shopping for wedding dresses in Pretoria, you stumble across the most dream-worthy accessories and you simply have to have it! Watch out – you may be spending money on accessories that do not suit the dress that you ultimately buy. The best thing to do is to get the dress first and then team the accessories with the dress to create the most magnificent look.

Lingerie also falls into this category – remember that your lingerie has to make your body look superb under the dress and not above or over the dress. To avoid mistakes, such as a pesky bra strap stubbornly insisting on climbing out from under the dress or a cheeky bra cup constantly peeking out over your neckline, buy the dress first and then fit lingerie that creates the right shape under the dress. If you find it hard to stay away from good lingerie, rather focus on the wedding night – and with these spicy pieces you won’t have to worry about where and when it will peak out!

If you would like some more tips from experts that offer a range of the most exquisite wedding dresses in Pretoria, give our team at Timeless Bridal a call. We will help you to avoid classic mistakes and find your dream dress!