5 Big No-Nos When Wedding Dress Shopping

The old adage of the “early bird catches the worm” is a good fit for many things in life, but not when it comes to shopping for a wedding dress. In fact, shopping too early is one of the most common mistakes brides make when it comes to wedding dresses.

It has been our experience that the thrill of the engagement often sweeps the bride-to-be into a frenzy of organising. Wedding dresses are definitely one of the first things that come to mind, and before the bride knows it, she’s standing in a boutique surrounded by hundreds of wedding dresses, without a clue of where to start.

Not only is the rushed approach unnecessary and potentially flawed (for many reasons), but the most common reason why you shouldn’t be fitting on wedding dresses more than six to eight months before the wedding is that your body is bound to change in the build-up to the wedding.

Planning is essential to success when entering the world of wedding dresses, so be patient and think carefully about what you want and how you want to feel in your wedding dress.

There are quite a few common pitfalls brides find themselves in when embarking on a journey with wedding dresses.

Here are five that we’ve seen cause the most unnecessary stress:

  1. Shopping too late – This can be worse than shopping too early. Nothing spells stress like hastily having to fly through racks of wedding dresses. Give yourself and your service provider enough time (six to eight months at least), so that yours is bound to be one of those wedding dresses nobody will forget.
  1. Save the entourage for your Big Day – The styles of wedding dresses you like won’t be to everyone’s taste, and while you want input from friends and family, you don’t want 20 of them commenting at once on all the wedding dresses you try on. Take a max of two people with you whose opinions you value and trust.
  1. Eliminate confusion – Achieve this by picking out no more than 10 wedding dresses that you like and only trying these on. Wedding dresses are available in so many stunning designs that it is easy to be tempted into trying on hundreds of wedding dresses, but don’t do this to yourself.
  1. Say “no” to the dress if you must – Regardless of the circumstances or who is paying for the dress, don’t buy a wedding dress that you don’t absolutely love. The way wedding dresses make brides feel is 90% of the reason why we love them so much, so make sure that yours will turn you into the princess or classic belle that you have envisioned.
  1. Keep it real – It’s great to go online and see what’s trending and which wedding dresses the stars are wearing, but don’t be obsessed with social media and online trends. Stay true to who you are, and everything will fall into place beautifully.

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