Create a Lasting Image in a Showstopping Wedding Dress 

At Timeless Bridal Couture, we believe that wedding dresses should make brides the showstoppers of their Big Day. A showstopper is someone (or something) so arresting or attractive that they stop a performance or function in its tracks. We love hearing that the guests gasped, clapped, or simply burst into tears at the sight of our brides!

If you plan well and shop with the help of a professional, the way you look in your wedding dress will make you the centre of attention. All eyes will be on you – an absolute vision of beauty, which should leave your guests and groom breathless.

Bear in mind, showstopping wedding dresses aren’t usually found hanging in a shop window waiting for the perfect bride. The bride should work towards “creating” her showstopper.

After all, everybody’s body type is different. If yours isn’t matched to the right silhouette, for example, you’re unlikely to achieve the best look. This is why we often recommend that you do a quick body-type analysis before starting to fit wedding dresses.

Other physical factors, such as skin tone, hair colour, eye colour, and height all contribute to the style of dress which will suit you best. Then there are factors like your personality, preference, the season, the style of wedding, and the time of day. These are all important in pulling the perfect look together.

Here are our top six dos and don’ts for brides looking at wedding dresses: 

DON’T think the dress style a celebrity, friend or model wore will look the same on you. Yes, it is a gorgeous dress – which has been made and altered for her, not you.

DO be honest and open with your bridal consultant. The more a consultant knows about your niggles and fancies when it comes to wedding dresses, the easier it will be for her to guide you in the right direction and pull off that showstopping look.

DON’T sacrifice comfort. You are in for a long day of socialising and posing, so make sure that you are relaxed and happy in your dress, from the minute you put it on.

DO keep an open mind and try new things. You may end up loving a style you hadn’t even considered. Any good consultant will use your personal characteristics and style to seek out dresses which will be a good match for the look you want on your wedding day.

DON’T worry too much about the sizes wedding dresses come in. They can be totally different to normal sizes, so don’t stress. Wedding dresses are about fit. 

DO pick the right underwear. You don’t want anything that is going to pinch, scratch or pull. Comfort is so important here, so get someone with know-how to help you choose the perfect-fit undergarments for your Big Day. The wrong pieces could ruin the way your dress fits, and leave you in a world of regret halfway through the ceremony!

Achieve the look you want with help from the experts. Contact Timeless Bridal Couture today.