First Say “I Do” to Comfort 

While brides have very often had comfort top of mind, styles and trends haven’t always allowed for this. Thankfully, the trend is changing in this regard, as comfort is a major driving factor for designers today. At Timeless Bridal Couture, we know that wedding dresses have to be comfortable, which is why we offer expert advice on styles and professional alterations.

Your wedding day is a very long day – for you and your dress! Make sure that you’re going to be relaxed, comfy and happy in your dress for all those hours. The last thing you want is a dress that’s “too” anything (long, heavy, stiff, tight, etc.) – you want a dress that’s just perfect for your body shape and which matches the style of your occasion.

4 Tips for Feeling Comfortable and Free in Your Wedding Dress 

Season: Especially in Johannesburg and Pretoria, if you’re getting married in summer, it will be hot. Think lightweight fabrics, like lace or chiffon, with lace sleeves and back, perhaps. If you’re going to be worried about sweaty underarms or thighs all day, it will ruin your confidence and enjoyment. Heavy fabrics are not the best choice for a summer wedding in Gauteng.

Theme: Your dress should match the style of your wedding. Nothing beckons flowing, light, thin-strapped and breezy wedding dresses quite like beach weddings, for example. But even if your theme is more traditional and indoors, think about how you want to feel and enjoy your day. Getting down the aisle in a heavy, poofy wedding dress and veil is the easy part, but why restrict yourself at the reception? You want to move among your guests, dance and be able to go to the ladies’ room without an entourage of helpers.

Wear: Remember by the time you put your dress on for the Big Day, you’ve probably only had it on for a maximum of (maybe) two hours overall since buying it, going for fittings, alterations, etc. This is definitely not the same as wearing it for 12 hours straight! If you have a corset-style dress, for example, and it felt a little too tight (but bearable) when you went for fittings, you’re bound to find that this tight feeling won’t subside on your wedding day. Don’t make the mistake of settling for any aspect of your wedding dress which doesn’t feel right.

Style: Ballroom wedding dresses are gorgeous, as are those with a captivating train. Who could forget Princess Diana’s wedding dress? Incredibly elaborate, but was it practical? No, not at all. She undoubtedly had a real battle keeping the masses of fabric and trimmings on her dress under control all day. Don’t make the mistake of seeing celebrity wedding dresses and wanting the same thing. It may look great on them, but they’re not you, and your wedding isn’t likely to be the affair theirs were either. Think practically. Think comfort! And this includes the shoes you wear on the day!

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