Think About These 4 Things Before You Start Wedding Dress Shopping 

The engagement is almost over and it’s full steam ahead to the Big Day. Brides can quickly be swooped into a whirlwind of suggestions, and dos and don’ts from mom, sisters and aunts about all things weddings, especially the dresses.

They’ll have stories about their own wedding dresses, a friend’s wedding dress nightmare, the style their cousin wore, and advice on everything in between, including accessories, hairstyles, trends, and which boutiques offer the best service.

All this “good advice” can leave a bride-to-be feeling quite exhausted and dreading the experience of shopping for a wedding dress. But be patient, it’s just excitement and nerves, and all done with a healthy dose of love, so try to take it with a smile.

However, don’t forget it is your day, your wedding dress and your choice.

To make it easier for brides shopping for wedding dresses, our advice is always to determine what style they like first. Sometimes, this is easier said than done, simply because of the enormous variety and gorgeous styles out there.

Here are some tips to help you narrow down your choices of wedding dresses: 

  1. Who you are

What’s your personal style? How would you define it? Classic, vintage, ultra-chic, tomboy, playful or modern? Who you are should reflect in your wedding dress. Of course, you want to be exquisitely radiant on the day, but your personal style is important, because it works for you and brings out the best in you.

  1. Shape and silhouette

If you’re not sure about what body type you are, find out – because you want a wedding dress to flatter every inch of you. Wedding dresses fall into six broad style categories: fit-and-flare, mermaid, ball gown, empire, A-line and sheath, and knowing your body shape is a good way to zone in on flattering styles for your body.

  1. Mood setter

Think about how you want your wedding dress to make you feel. Like on any other occasion, women love to dress to make a statement. Whether it’s sexy, modern, girl-next-door, frivolous or traditional, let your wedding dress ooze the sentiment you want it to on the day. If you know how you want to feel on your wedding day, a bridal consultant can easily share this vision by showing you styles that match the feeling you want to evoke on your Big Day, and avoid styles which don’t.

  1. The entourage

We’ve mentioned the flurry that family and girlfriends can cause, and quite frankly, too many of them involved in choosing a wedding dress can turn into havoc. We suggest choosing two or three (max five) friends or family members closest to you to accompany you to your appointments with your bridal consultant. You need constructive criticism and sound advice from those with your best interests at heart, at all times. It may be difficult excluding some people, but including everyone isn’t a good idea. Less is definitely more, as big entourages often lead to the bride feeling overwhelmed and confused.

For more information and advice on wedding dress shopping, contact us today.