6 Ways to Keep It Simple When Shopping for Your Wedding Dress 

Going through wedding dresses to find the one you love the most can frazzle the nerves – there are just so many gorgeous styles to choose from.

Wedding dress shopping should be enjoyable, fun, and memorable, so keep your nerves intact and savour the experience by narrowing down your choices of wedding dresses.

Here are the best ways to do this:

  1. Partnering with a professional bridal boutique is a great start. You can’t just throw names into a hat and pick one out – your Big Day is just far too important! When looking for the best bridal boutique, word of mouth is powerful, so speak to friends and colleagues who have recently been married and search online reviews. It’s important to know what the bridal boutique offers, what the company history is, and where the store is located (you don’t want to be travelling far distances for appointments and fittings).
  1. Knowing what your wedding theme is going to be is also very important when looking at wedding dresses. You may love a real fairy-tale, ballgown dress, but is it the right fit for your informal beach wedding? Your dress should complement your theme.
  1. Think of five words that describe your dream wedding dress – perhaps words like classic, chic, simple, elegant, and timeless. These words speak to certain styles of wedding dresses and will make it easier for the consultant to assist you.
  1. Go through bridal magazines, browse the internet, and do some celeb stalking to find styles that catch your eye. Get these together in a visual format and look at them carefully. You’re likely to find the styles of wedding dresses you fancy have quite a few things in common – perhaps they all have open backs, lace detail, or lots of embellishment on the bodices. Clearly, this is appealing to you, so take this little vision board you’ve created along to your first bridal shop appointment. It’s a great start.
  1. As professional bridal consultants, we’ve sometimes seen that the idea a bride has in her head isn’t necessarily suitable to her body shape or personality. If you find that the styles you like aren’t working out and the consultant urges you to try some others, be open to that. Professional bridal consultants have a trained eye, and take personal style and the bride’s personality into account. By being a little adventurous, you may find out that you look unexpectedly gorgeous in some styles that you never even considered looking at. 
  1. We’ve said it before but it’s worth mentioning again (and again, and again) – don’t take all 10 bridesmaids, your mom, and future mom-in-law with to your consultation. A few close friends or family members, whose opinions you value and trust, is all that you need. Too much input, no matter how constructive and loving, may see you sitting in the corner with the bottle of champagne, while the rest decide on wedding dresses! Keep it simple and relaxed – less is more.

If you’re looking for a professional, reputable bridal boutique, give us a call today. Your dream dress is waiting.