5 Tips for a Summer Wedding Dress

If you are not afraid of the African heat and you really have your heart set on getting married in the summer, you will certainly have to be careful about the dress you choose. While radiant sunshine, outdoor ceremonies and blue skies certainly sound good, the wrong dress can make you feel infinitely uncomfortable on a day that should be filled with laughter, romance and enjoyment. Here are some top wedding dress tips for summer.

1. Be versatile: While the summers are always hot in South Africa, you might find that on the day, the weather is a little cooler than you may have expected. A Highveld thunderstorm can bring down the temperature quite significantly, and you don’t want to stand around freezing! Choose a dress that will suit you in the heat, but with an option to cover you if it cools down. A bolero jacket or romantic shrug to cover your shoulders can work well and will add versatility to the dress. It can also serve as a cover for your shoulders to shield you from the sun, if you are getting married outdoors.

2. Choose light fabrics: You really don’t want to heave around masses of synthetic fabrics in the heat, so choose light, natural fabrics. Silk is a great option for summer, as it is light and breathable, and it looks and feels great for a summer style. It will also ensure that you stay cool in humid weather, so it is a great choice for beach weddings or weddings in tropical climates. Organza or chiffon will move beautifully in a light summer breeze and will keep the look extra romantic.

3. Choose well when it comes to lace: While lace is often seen as cool, because it has holes and patterns, a lot of lace is done with synthetic fibres and can be heavy and hot. If you want lace, choose Chantilly lace, which is light and airy for the perfect summer look.

4. Steer clear of long sleeves: Unless you plan on getting married in an air-conditioned chapel (of which you will not find many), stick to short sleeves or no sleeves, in order to stay cool throughout your wedding. Remember, you can always put on a small jacket if you get cold later in the evening.

5. Do the hoop: If you have your heart set on a princess style dress, but you are afraid that it may be too hot in the summer, have hoops inserted to keep the fabric away from your legs, and to ensure that air circulates under the dress to keep you cool and comfortable.

If you are looking for the perfect wedding dress for your summer wedding, you simply must make an appointment with our bridal specialists at Timeless Bridal Couture. We have all the expertise to help you find that perfect style, and our undivided attention ensures that you have a meaningful appointment and a relaxed atmosphere for choosing your dress. Give us a call today to book your appointment!