Wedding Dresses for Your Body Type

The wedding dress is likely the most important dress a woman will ever wear, but many brides make the mistake of choosing something that is uncomfortable and unflattering. It’s important to know what your body type is, and which wedding dress styles will leave you looking and feeling your absolute best. Wearing a flattering wedding dress means using the actual dress to compensate for areas the bride may feel looks out of proportion in other styles, or even amplify certain features on her body, like height and shape. Because every bride and wedding day are unique, we cannot tell you what to wear, but we can give you some trade tips about the types of wedding dress silhouettes that will work best with your body.

The Pear Shape

A woman who carries most of her weight around her hips and derrière, with a smaller waist, bust line, and shoulder-to-hip ratio, typically has a pear-shaped silhouette. Because of an upper body that seems to be smaller, a dress with a cinched waist, like a ball gown, goes a long way towards creating a more defined torso. Slim-fit A-line dresses and shorter, flowing dresses also do well with the pear shape. Wearing capped or detailed sleeves can balance out shoulders that are narrower than hips, and embellishments on the dress’s bodice draws the eye to the top of the body to avoid looking bottom-heavy.

The Apple Shape

Unlike the pear shape, apple-shaped women tend to be top-heavy. They generally have larger busts and wider waists. Apple-shaped women tend to gain weight around their waists and can sometimes have more slender arms and legs. When choosing a wedding dress for someone with an apple shape, the idea is to give the waist some length and definition. A-line dresses with a lace-up back are a wonderful option as they pull the waist in and flare out enough at the bottom to create balance.

The Hourglass Shape

Having an hourglass shape means that your shoulders and hips are relatively the same width, while your waist measurements are significantly smaller. Because this ratio seems to be ideal for most women, it may be a good idea to try slim-fit, streamlined dresses which show these curves off. For an hourglass figure, low drop-waist wedding dresses and mermaid silhouettes seem to have the most appeal. A classic ballgown can also enhance a small waist and is a good option for a more traditional bride.

The Rectangle Shape

A rectangular body shape is often characterised by the shoulders, hips and waist all being more or less in line. These body types tend to have smaller busts too, so dress styles that emphasise the bust and give definition to the waist should be considered. A sheath dress with a cinched waist can complement a tall, slender frame. The right A-line dress can also create the illusion of curves, and works well with most athletic body types.

Brides come in all shapes and sizes, and we at Timeless Bridal Couture pride ourselves on finding the right fit for each one. The bottom line is that if you look good, you feel good, which is why we have a variety of brands and styles to cater to your needs.