New Trends in the 2016/2017 Wedding Dress Collections

Every year, the designers of wedding dress collections pull out all the stops in order to break through the conventional mould of bridal wear. They spearhead wonderful new styles and designs that inspire a new class of romance and innovation. The 2016/2017 trends show many modern takes that most brides will adore.

Many of the designers opted for the creation of layers and adding extra dimensions to the overall look. A more three-dimensional approach is obvious and embellishments, such as the ever-popular floral appliqué, are made to “pop” and be more lifelike. Layered, sheer skirts and overskirts saw a resurgence this year, and the various shapes have been accentuated and streamlined to form new wedding dress collections that will fulfil the dreams of just about any bride.

But when our eyes aren’t being fooled by the three-dimensional additions, we also notice that some serious sex appeal has been introduced into previously more conservative looks. Necklines now plunge to deeper depths and high slits à-la-Jolie are seen on runways everywhere. Female power is also on the menu, with several bridal pantsuits that represent power, while still bringing a huge sense of romance and femininity.

Movement was also addressed with softer bridal gowns with fluid lines, and feathers could be seen here and there in small quantities on hemlines or even as a waistline detail. Tiered skirts are “bringing sexy back” and layers of flowing fabrics are set to create the best grand finale for any bride’s look.

Here are some of the best trends in the new wedding dress collections.

• 3D florals: While appliqués were always seen as a bit of a standby idea, the new look features them at centre stage. The embellishments are created to “pop out” from the dress and to look almost like real flowers have been delicately stitched to the fabrics, in order to bring new life to bridal gowns.

• Silver: We are not talking disco-silver here, but rather a sheer, barely-noticeable silver sheen used under fabric layers to create extra depth of colour and interest. Light silver flower appliqués were also used over layers of silk organza.

• Long sleeves: For a winter wedding, there is only one look – the classic long-sleeved lace. These were made in off-white with thread-work that appeared metallic or totally invisible, and again appliquéd flowers played a great role on the bodice.

• Clean lines: Keeping it simple when it comes to your wedding dress does not mean that you will look any less exquisite on your Big Day. With the right fabric and the right cut, you won’t need any additional extravagant embellishments to take everyone’s breath away.

• Blush: There are still remnants from the pink trends of last year, with light blush pink still being popular. It is intensely romantic and very subtle, and when combined with a sweetheart neckline, an A-line skirt and floral embellishments, this look is hard to beat when it comes to romance.

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