Imported Designer Brands Don’t Get Better Than Our La Sposa Collection


At Timeless Bridal Couture, we see many fashion-forward brides who demand nothing less than the best when it comes to the most important dress they will ever wear. Imported designer dresses are in high demand, and it is for this reason that we will explore why these brands will never forfeit their claim to the fashion crown.

What Is a Designer Wedding Dress?

Often synonymous with luxury items, a designer label is a brand that has been designated to a specific product. All products within this brand adhere to similar crafting and quality guidelines, and the original creator of the line is usually the one who comes up with the label’s name and business direction. In terms of bridal fashion, designer dresses carry the name of their designer group, while the other dresses in the line incorporate similar silhouettes and textiles.

Are Designer Wedding Dresses Better?

Whether or not a designer dress is better will have a lot to do with the designer in question. Brands that have been around for a while and have an established reputation will always be your best bet. If the brand is known to create quality items that look good and last, then your purchase will be the ideal investment. Designer brands imported from fashion capitals in Europe, such as Paris, Milan, and Barcelona, are also more in tune with global vogue trends, which put you on par with your favourite celebrities and fashion icons.

Staying on Trend With La Sposa by Pronovias

At Timeless Bridal Couture, we love paying close attention to international bridal trends, and we keep our eyes peeled for designer brands that exude classic luxury. One such name is La Sposa by the Barcelona-based designer brand Pronovias. The La Sposa collection is known for its use of soft, luxurious tulle and delicate lace, as well as its intricate details on every single one of its astounding creations. La Sposa’s unique wedding gowns all feature a romantic, fairytale-like silhouette that every woman loves to dream of wearing on her wedding day. Known for their quality execution of designs and marvellous testimonials, the La Sposa line is one that will leave every bride with share-worthy photographs of her special day. Have a look below for some of our favourite darlings from the 2018-2019 collection.

The Banzare Dress

This V-neck, plunging neckline dress is made from exquisite lace and features crepe inserts within its lavishly long train. Delicate embroidery and fine floral motifs coat the exterior. This gown will leave any bride feeling like true royalty.

The Pakistan Dress

This sheer mermaid dress only becomes more seductive with its sexy V-back. The bodice of this dress is made of tulle and beaded embroidery appliqués that create the illusion of a second skin. The flowing crepe skirt means you can twirl your special night away on the dance floor and look drop-dead gorgeous doing it. For brides who love to maintain an air of mystery while donning something classic, this dress is the perfect match.

The Balimena Dress

For our beautiful boho-chic brides, the Balimena gown is simply breathtaking. This V-neck gown flows gorgeously into its goddess-like, chiffon skirt, while the bodice features intricate rhinestone and thread embroidery elements. Light and soft, this airy dress will leave you feeling as though you are floating on clouds as you walk down the aisle.

The Patri Dress

Do you love long sleeves and low backs? The Patri gown by La Sposa is certainly a dress to look out for. This mermaid dress is made from luxurious lace and covered in guipure appliqués from top to bottom. The sweetheart neckline demurely leads one into elegant, illusion sleeves and a tasteful V-back. The Patri dress will leave any wearer looking and feeling captivating.

If you find yourself following international trends, or if you just enjoy the extravagance of imported designer brands, then you won’t find any collection more exclusive than the La Sposa line. At Timeless Bridal Couture, we love to bring our clients a range of world-renowned collections that guarantee quality and sophistication. If you are interested in one of our La Sposa dresses or any of the other brands that we house, feel free to book your appointment with us today for your consultation.