Six Reasons Stylish Brides Prefer to Wear Vintage Wedding Dresses

Vintage Wedding Dresses from Timeless Bridal Couture

There is so much variety to choose from when looking at wedding dresses, yet many brides still choose vintage wedding dresses over the more contemporary looks. There are also many advantages associated with the wearing of a vintage bridal gown, including:

1. Wide variety of styles:

Because they tend to reflect a particular era, contemporary dresses tend to be similar in their shape and style. Brides love to choose vintage wedding dresses because they represent a particular time, and there are a lot of different eras and styles to choose from that reflect their particular tastes. Vintage wedding dresses can include anything from a drop waist flapper dress from the 1920s, a figure flattering Hollywood-style dress from the 1930s, or even bohemian and disco styled dresses from the 1960s or ‘70s!

2. High-quality fabrics and workmanship:

Because the culture of previous years was not aimed at mass production and disposable items, vintage dresses are made to last and were often handed down from one generation to another. Natural fabrics were usually used in order to increase comfort and to allow the bride to breathe. Very skilled seamstresses were used to create these special dresses and embellishments and embroidery were done by hand. They even made lace by hand, and buttons were usually covered, giving the dress a high-quality and stylish look.

3. One of a kind:

Vintage dresses are unique and brides can be sure that if they choose vintage, they are very unlikely to find another bride wearing the same dress. This adds a sense of exclusivity and style to the occasion.

4. Cost:

When choosing an authentic vintage wedding dress, the cost is usually lower than having a modern replica of a vintage dress made. Vintage dresses are also easier to alter because of the good construction and ample seams.

5. Honours the past:

Wearing a vintage wedding dress is a way to celebrate and honour the women of previous eras and those who came before us. Wearing your grandmother or mother’s dress brings pride and joy to that person, and it is proof of our roots. If you don’t have an heirloom dress in the family, why not start a tradition and get your own vintage dress that you can pass down to your children or grandchildren? It is even possible to have an exact replica made of a grandmother’s dress from a photo – if you can find a talented seamstress or a company that specialises in the creation of wedding dresses.

6. Beautiful accessories:

As if vintage wedding dresses weren’t romantic and beautiful enough, the accessories are even better. Even if you are not wearing a vintage dress, it is easy to create a vintage look with the right accessories. Vintage shoes, veils, gloves and handbags can all help to pull a romantic vintage look together.

If you are looking for vintage-inspired wedding dresses that are well constructed and made by expert seamstresses using high-quality fabrics, give our consultants at Timeless Bridal a call today. Make an appointment with us and we will use our expertise to choose the perfect vintage dress for your perfect day!