Vintage-Inspired Wedding Dresses: Tips on Choosing Well…

Oh, the romance of a vintage wedding dress! It immediately transports us to another era, when things were more romantic. A lot of brides would like to tap into the romance of a never-forgotten era with a superb vintage bridal gown. But there are some things that we should not forget when looking at vintage-inspired dresses for your Big Day. Here are some guidelines:

• Choose one that suits you: While you may be blown away by the edgy and flamboyant flapper era, there are still a lot of other choices to make. For instance: What would suit your body? While the low-waisted craze is incredibly forgiving and probably the queen of choice, there are other things to consider. You simply have to choose a dress that suits not only your body shape, but also your personality and style! Investigate different styles and fabrics to find out more about what will suit your particular body shape and represent who you are.

• Fabrics are always difficult: You have to be discerning when it comes to what is important and what is not, and the type of fabrics you choose can make a huge difference. Most vintage-inspired dresses contain pieces of lace, and if this is your choice, ensure that the lace is of good quality, or you may run the risk of looking rather ordinary. The best thing to do is to employ a great bridal gown consultant to support and advise you during the selection process. It is hard to ignore the experience and knowledge that these people can provide.

• Don’t be sentimental: Yes, your grandmother and your mother may have been married in satin or lace, but even if you admire these styles and fabrics, it doesn’t mean that you have to follow suit. Choose something that reflects your own style and personality, and incorporate elements of the bits you feel sentimental about. This day is all about you – and you have to feel at home in the environment and tone that you have set for the wedding. Choose something that you can identify with – not just something that is beautiful or expensive. Choose from the vintage-inspired dresses that you feel most attracted to, in order to bring out the best of your identity and body shape.

• Defy tradition: Remember that you are not bound to a tradition just because you chose a vintage-inspired gown. You are totally entitled to wear modern bling and contemporary shoes by some of the best designers in the world. You don’t have to be restricted to a particular fashion just because you chose a style of dress from a specific era; you are welcome to dress it up or down to reflect your own style and personality!

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