How to Choose Veils, Belts and Jackets for Your Wedding Dress

While many people usually get a veil for their wedding dress, it is important to note that the overall look of a wedding dress can be very much enhanced with the addition of other items as well, such as belts and jackets. While a jacket is not a natural choice when it comes to bridal gowns, there are certainly ways in which these can be worn not only to complete the look, but also to provide a little extra protection against the cold during winter weddings. Here are some tips on choosing these items and how to add them to optimise the romance and style of your look.

Selecting a Veil

No longer a requirement for the modern bride, but still very popular, the veil is a choice that many brides go for. It is important to choose well, since the wrong veil can overwhelm the dress and detract from the overall look. When wearing a heavily embellished wedding dress, it is best to choose a simple veil with very little ornamentation – perhaps a sparkle here and there to add a subtle twinkle will do, but don’t overdo the bling! A little beadwork along the edges also looks good, but the veil itself should be sheer and simple.

For a very simple dress, the veil can be a little more complicated. An angel cut veil that is trimmed in other fabrics, such as organza or satin, will look good. Light lace adds elegance to an otherwise simple dress, and some embroidery can also give the look a more dramatic twist. Dresses with a statement back should be worn with a veil that is transparent enough to make the most of the drama of the backline, so steer clear of heavily embellished veils or multiple fabric layers. Modern dresses and shorter styles do well with a more whimsical, shorter veil, cut to the length of the elbow, and in a layered, square cut style. Gowns with long trains need a veil that is longer than the train and has some ornamentation to make it stand out over the long train.

Belts and Wedding Dresses

This is a relatively new wedding dress trend, and is used to give the dress a more fitted look and to define the figure. When choosing a belt, it is vital that you try it on over your wedding dress, in order to ensure that they work together. A good corset is also important, but if your wedding dress has one built in, it isn’t necessary to get one. The style of the dress will dictate the kind of belt or sash to choose. It is best to contrast the dress and the belt. For instance, if the dress is very simple, choose a belt or sash that is bold and embellished, and if the dress is very ornate, choose a simple belt or sash. The belt will also have to enhance the body type – if your bust is big, a simple, thin belt is best, and ideally it should be worn just under the breasts. Remember that you will be moving around in your gown a lot, and it may be necessary to fasten it with pins in order to ensure that it remains in place, especially if it is set under the bustline. Never wear a belt that is too tight or causes discomfort, and ensure that you can sit down, eat and move with ease while wearing it.

Choosing a Jacket

A jacket can add a layer of protection for warmth or protect against the heat during wedding photography. They come in many different fabrics and styles, which include bolero, blazer, sweater, capes and even wraps. The fit of the jacket is very important and it has to subtly complement the dress and not overshadow the look. Try on a range of styles, and if you do need some extra warmth but cannot find a jacket that looks good, a wrap can be an excellent choice. Choose a jacket that highlights the best parts of both the dress and your body.

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