Why Mermaid Wedding Dresses Are Currently Trending

Are you planning your upcoming wedding? You might notice the mermaid movement gaining traction again this year – it’s a silhouette that has long been admired by celebrities and fashionistas alike. Mermaid wedding dresses are considered feminine due to their cut, and it’s a great way to look sexy even while covering up. International designer brands also seem to bring forth new collections lined with such bridal gowns. As far as trends go, we don’t see them leaving the centre stage any time soon. So why are mermaid wedding dresses so popular and what is their unique appeal? Here we explore the reasons they’re currently in vogue.

It’s All About the Illusion

You might be tall and willowy, or curvier, or more petite – regardless, everybody is beautiful. The right dress is going to do your figure justice and highlight your best features. Selecting a good cut is as good as magic – it will conceal those misgivings you would rather keep hidden and emphasise what you adore about your body. Every bride deserves to feel 100% confident in her own skin, and a gorgeous gown has a fantastic way of achieving this.

What we love about mermaid wedding dresses is how they’re designed to cling to the feminine form. A cinched waist and luxurious material hugging the hips and bust gives one the appearance of an hourglass figure, even if your body type is more rectangular or athletic. The torso extends downwards which adds length to the overall look, and many petite brides favour mermaid wedding dresses for this very reason. Look for a gown that not only makes you feel comfortable but sexy and glamorous too.

You’re Not Stuck with One Style

The idea of a fishtail gown relies on the concept that it hugs the figure from the bust to the knee, where it flares out to the floor. There are many ways to interpret this style, however. You have an endless selection of sleeve and neckline styles. You can also select a dress based upon the type of train you want or the material you fancy. Luxurious lace, satin, or crepe – it’s all up to you. Whether you enjoy lots of exquisite detailing or a simple and sleek number, there is no chance of running out of options.

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