Top Tips for Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress

After the big question is popped, it is only natural for your mind to wander off to an image of you on your special day – and you were probably thinking about your dream bridal gown long before you got engaged. There is no doubt that shopping for wedding dresses is high on the priority list when it comes to preparation, and if you do it right, you will not have to stress about this phase of the journey.

When searching for wedding dresses, it is of the utmost importance that you begin early, as normal order lead times can take up to four months, with additional time needed for dress alterations. Trying to find a gown two weeks before your ceremony will not leave you with many options, and you might find yourself stressing. Apart from giving yourself enough time, there are other factors to take into account while looking for wedding dresses.

Consider Your Personal Style

Everyone’s taste is different and you may not yet know the type of gown you like until you do some research. By searching online, flipping through bridal magazines, and paying attention to the kind of clothes you enjoy wearing, you can discover your bridal style. If you have ideas on ideal wedding dresses, take a few pictures along during your bridal consultation.

Know Your Body Shape

While you might like the way an item of clothing looks, it does not necessarily mean it will suit you. The same principle goes for wedding dresses, so it is essential to get to know your body shape. There are four main types of silhouettes, namely:

  • Apple: The bust and torso are wider than the hips. Apples usually have arms and legs on the slender side.
  • Pear: The hips, thighs, and bottom are much wider than the torso.
  • Hourglass: Characterised by a defined waist, while the bust and hips are about the same width.
  • Rectangle/Athletic: Bust, waist, hips, and thighs are all the same width. Rectangular bodies are generally slender.

When dressing for your body, you can accentuate your best features and avoid wedding dresses that cause your silhouette to look disproportionate.

Partner with the Right Bridal Boutique

Bridal boutiques don’t just provide you with a dress; they offer style guidance, dress alterations, and a range of post-wedding services. If you have chosen a bridal boutique that you find unprofessional, untidy, and difficult to work with, then it may be time for a change.

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