Three Wedding Dress Trends You Should Know 

Summer is a popular season for all things wedding-related. Those balmy summer evenings, bright skies, and floral varieties (not to mention the brilliant weather) make it the perfect season for beloveds worldwide. As the world opens up after a challenging year and a half, wedding trends continue to soar. For the bride looking for the perfect dress, sunshine-inspired styles are sure to impress. Summer 2021 also introduces some fantastic new trends in the bridal scene. Let us explore three sensational summer trends bound to delight in 2021.

  • Lovely in LaceLace is both timeless and modern, evoking a sense of days gone by, all the while seamlessly integrating into the modern age with relevance and style. From appliquéd designs to romantic florals, lace offers an air of elegance to any bride and can be used in several innovative ways. When it comes to the top trends for summer in 2021, appliquéd lace is set to be a showstopper. In this style, decorative lace motifs are stitched to fabrics, such as netting or tulle to create an embossed, stylish statement gown. Since lace can be used in an array of styles, from princess gowns to mermaid dresses, it is an excellent fabric choice for brides.

  • Stunning SimplicitySometimes, less is truly more. Simple summer styles are characterised by elegant silhouettes, fine fabrics, and timeless design. These dresses allow the bride to be the star of the show and effortlessly elevated with bridal accessories.Coco Chanel once said that “simplicity is the keynote of true elegance”, and these styles embody that wisdom. 

  • Beautiful BohoBoho designs are the perfect pick for summer 2021, genuinely encapsulating the free-spirited, possibly barefoot bride. Light natural fabrics paired with billowing sleeves make this trend a seasonal must. Pair these dresses with brightly coloured scarves, embellished jewels, and beaded sandals for ultimate summer chic. 

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