Top Tips to Remember While Shopping for Lace Wedding Dresses

Lace is and has been for decades one of the more popular types of materials used in wedding dresses. We’re not sure whether it’s the intricate, graphic detailing or the soft femininity it adds to any ensemble – it just looks resplendent. One thing is for sure: it won’t fall out of fashion any time soon, and for this fact, we thank the fashion powers that be. Before you go shopping for lace wedding dresses, there is a little homework to be done. Not to worry, though, most of it comes down to your personal preferences and your needs for your big day.


Take Your Pick


Did you know that there is more than one type of lace, each one with its own, unique set of attributes? Bridal textiles in this category, in particular, are known for their luxurious feel and meticulous designs. Guipure, for example, is known for being stiff and structured with bars or plaits connecting the motifs. Chantilly is much finer and more delicate and includes tiny, detailed patterns set on a cordonnet. The material can also be embroidered or applied as separate motifs onto an existing piece of material, known as appliqué.


Where Your Wedding Will Take Place


Bushveld weddings with thorny ground, beach weddings with sand and sea, and rustic outdoor weddings with tons of dirt are not ideal for lace wedding dresses. While that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to wear such a gown at all, it does mean you might need to consider a type of lace that is stronger than something too fragile. Have a look at your venue, where you will be walking, socialising, dancing, and posing for photos, and make a decision based off of these factors.


Be Mindful of the Look It Creates


Too many frills and fringes may at first seem vintage or old-world on the racks but may end up looking drab and old-fashioned when you try it on. Seek a timeless design that speaks to your personality and remember that with intricately patterned wedding dresses, less is usually more.


Consider Other Material Combinations


Top to bottom lace is gorgeous, and an ideal for which many brides strive. Be open to other textile combinations, however, that are just as beautiful and may come with certain benefits such as ease of movement or “flowiness” that contributes to great photographs. Chiffon, crepe, organza, and satin are all bridal fabrics that pair beautifully with lace.


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