We love, love stories! How did you and your husband meet and how did he propose?

 GP and I met at the Drakensberg attending a school camp.  He was from the Northern Cape and I from Limpopo.  At first we were just friends but as our GR 12 school year ended and I went off to study at Potchefstroom we started a long distance relationship for about 6 years, which I believe really cemented our love for each other.

GP is a very romantic guy and I am a lucky girl! He planned a very long time on the perfect proposal.  He designed my engagement ring himself. The engagement happened at Dunkel Country estate near Dullstroom in Mpumalanga. It was a nice sunny day.  He told me that I must do my nails and dress up nicely because we are going for a photoshoot.  While the photographer was taking photos he popped the big question.  In the woods he made a romantic spot with candles, champagne and delicious snacks where he spoiled me the whole day!  GP did not plan this, but he asked me to marry him on my grandfather’s birthday which was very special to me.

What was the favourite part of your wedding day? 

When I walked down the aisle with my father by my side, I could see GP’s face from where he was waiting for me.  It was such an emotional moment.  Everyone faces when they saw me for the first time, dressed in white. When the ceremony was over, GP and I turned around and whilst looking at our family and friends, they give us their blessing in the form of a song.  Every time when I look back at that moment, it gives me goose bumps. I cannot describe the feeling, it was so overwhelming! To share the whole day with our loved ones.  When we walked into the hall everyone was clapping hands and you could hear some whistles, it felt so good knowing everyone was so happy for us!

You fitted a variety of wedding dresses, how did you know when it was ‘the one’ and what did you love most about your wedding dress? 

I had so many ideas and I knew exactly what I didn’t want, so I had a clear picture when I went to fit dresses.  The first wedding dress that I fitted, I climbed onto the stand and looked in the mirror, my mom cried!  I told her “Mommy, this is not the one!” She laughed, and said “it is just the idea.”  But when I finally fitted my dream dress and I walked out of that fitting room, there were no words, no tears… my Mom and Dad only stared! That is how I knew, “this is the one!”

My most favourite part of my dress was the back and the bottom of the dress.  It had such lovely lace detail, it almost looked like tattoos on my back.

How did you decide on the look and feel you wanted to have as a bride? 

From the beginning I knew I want a more fitted shape dress with a long veil. Something that is classy with a modern look, enough detail and a bit of “bling”.  I did not want to wear too much jewellery on my wedding day because I wanted all the focus to be on my wedding dress.

I needed something that I felt comfortable in, a dress that makes me feel beautiful and happy!   My dress turned out to be exactly like it!

What advice would you give future brides when it comes to wedding dress shopping?

Do not take more than two people with you to you dress fitting, because at the end it is YOUR big once in a lifetime day and it is only YOUR opinion that matters.

Try on different dresses! Especially the dresses the assistant brings you to fit. Sometimes they can see you in a dress that you can’t.  Who knows, maybe it could be the one!

Choose a dress that you feel comfortable and courageous in.  If you can find those two things, then you will bloom and shine on your special day, inside and out!!

Timeless bridal team, thank you so much for all the guidance and advice through every fitting session. It is highly appreciated.