The 7 Dos and Don’ts of Shopping for Wedding Dresses

Brides sometimes have a hard time managing their to-do lists. With so much responsibility piled onto their shoulders, it is easy to forget the real reason they decided to get married in the first place. Shopping for wedding dresses is an activity that is meant to be fun and exciting, but so many find the process frustrating and even downright disheartening. Common mistakes, however, are easy to avoid if you are aware of how to approach the journey. We have thus created a list of the seven dos and don’ts of shopping for wedding dresses to help you navigate this new adventure.

  1. Finding the Right Bridal Boutique

Some brides look for their nearest bridal shop and settle on whatever they find there, without really exploring all the options the industry has on offer. The right dress boutique will not only have a range of exquisite dresses, but it will also offer several services and advice from professional stylists too.

Do: Look for a bridal boutique that offers quality, variety, and exclusivity.

Don’t: Settle for the easiest option and risk wasting money on an ensemble you dislike

  1. Redefining Traditions

Most brides face some criticism from family and friends regarding their choices for their wedding day. Well-meaning loved ones may offer advice or new ideas, but the end decision should lie with you and your fiancé. While it is alright to make compromises to accommodate those closest to you, it is best not to give up the joy of your special day to please others.

Do: Go with your gut and explore dress options to which you feel drawn.

Don’t: Give in to everyone’s opinions at the cost of your own happiness.

  1. A Consistent Style Theme

Creative brides may feel torn between several great ensemble concepts and feel tempted to incorporate each one. Without streamlining these ideas, it is possible to end up with a bridal outfit and accessories that look messy and overdone. Try to carry the theme of your overall wedding into your look for the day.

Do: Stay true to your personal style and preferences.

Don’t: Overembellish every detail on your person, as this may look unrefined.

  1. Dressing for Your Body

Dressing for your body type means wearing clothing that creates balance and proportion, while emphasising your best features. Certain clothes also do a fantastic job of concealing problem areas we would rather hide. To find out which wedding dresses suit your silhouette, you must first understand your body’s proportions. Read up on the different body shapes and speak to your bridal stylist about a suitable style of gown.

Do: Accentuate your best features and create proportions that are pleasing to the eye with the right dress.

Don’t: Be afraid to ask for objective and truthful advice from a stylist or someone close.

  1. Shopping with an Open Mind

It can be easy to discount styles you have never considered before, but keep in mind that you have nothing to lose by trying something new. Researching the styles you like and find inspiring is great, but try to fit as many silhouettes as possible to get the most out of your shopping experience.

Do: Find the wedding dresses you think are beautiful and feel would suit your style.

Don’t: Shoot down other options and suggestions you have not yet tried.

  1. Staying Practical

Finding the perfect gown is possible, as long as one is willing to remain practical. An outdoor bushveld wedding, for example, will not work with a long, delicate train. Keep in mind your venue and what you will be doing on your wedding day while shopping for bridal dresses.

Do: Think about what the dress will have to endure on the wedding day and find a suitable design.

Don’t: Gloss over practical considerations in favour of what looks good.

  1. Considering Every Detail

You want your day to be absolutely perfect, but real-life ceremonies are often full of minor hiccups. The great news is that nobody really notices these small glitches, so it is best not to sweat the small stuff. Strive to enjoy every phase in this once-in-a-lifetime journey.

Do: Plan every detail thoroughly and consider all available options.

Don’t: Lose sleep about factors that are out of your control.

If you would like to partner with a bridal boutique that will make the process of shopping for wedding dresses an unforgettable, relaxing experience, feel free to get in touch with us today.