What You Need to Know About Wedding Dress Shopping During COVID-19


Planning your nuptials comes with its own stress and unease. Throw a global viral pandemic into the mix and of course, everything is going to change. For many brides, dealing with the disappointment and change in plans is frustrating, and between the yearning for simpler times and the isolation without friends and family around, it can be hard to focus on still finding the right wedding dress. However, it is precisely during this time that one should get strategic when it comes to shopping for a bridal gown and ensuring your future plans fall into place precisely as they should.


Embracing Change During Uncertainty


Because nobody knows precisely when (or if) society will slip back into its normal routine, brides across the globe are forced to embrace this newer version of “normal”. Accepting your current circumstances certainly doesn’t mean you need to settle for something less though. If anything, life as we now know it may give you a little more time to plan and decide, which is one thing most brides agree they never have enough of. Another essential point to note is that the world hasn’t stopped spinning, and luxury designer houses are still finding ways of producing gowns in their bridal lines and even moving towards 2021 wedding collections. This means you are never without options, and it is still entirely possible to plan a ceremony that exceeds even your own expectations.


Why the Early Brides Catches the Worm (or Dress)


It is uncertain when bridal boutiques in South Africa will reopen, but when they do, you can be sure that booking your appointment and finding that ideal gown will be a whole lot harder. Every prospective bride will be jumping at the opportunity to acquire the perfect wedding dress, and those who don’t book early enough may be stuck delaying their plans even more. A designer wedding dress is made on order, and normal order lead times take anywhere between 12 to 16 weeks. Then, you may still need six to eight weeks for alterations, so ordering your gown at least six to eight months ahead of your Big Day is always recommended. If you haven’t before, now is the time to explore styles you like, start getting decisive, and going with your gut.


Fortunately, you can make your future booking with us right now. This not only secures you an appointment for finding a wedding dress but means you stay ahead of the game and can plan your ceremony accordingly. To chat with us, get in touch here.