What to Keep in Mind When Shopping for Designer Wedding Dresses

Modern brides know the difference between designer wedding dresses and cheap imitations. They are also aware of the pitfalls that come with purchasing bargain-basement bridal gowns online or in mainstream retail stores. The only way to invest in quality without skimping on exclusivity is to make sure that you land a design from a reputable brand. Those new to the world of bridal fashion may not as yet know what to look for, but we are here to help you start your journey the right way.

Explore Your Sense of Style

Most brides have an idea of their body type and what silhouettes they enjoy, but it is easy to close yourself off to specific designs before you even try them. Unlike store-bought frocks, designer wedding dresses can be tailored to hug your figure and accentuate your best features. We highly recommend talking to a boutique stylist about new and interesting styles you have always been too afraid to try.

The Sizing May Be Different

Depending upon where in the world your designer wedding gown of choice originates, you may find that the sizing looks different. One or two sizes larger or smaller means that ordering a gown online is almost impossible – you simply have no way of knowing what to expect. It is far better to stick to fittings at an established boutique that will allow you a custom dress alteration.

Shop Early Enough

Unlike retail stores, boutiques do not house unending stock of every gown in every available size. A normal lead time for an order can take anywhere from three to four months, and alterations up to two months. It is essential that you do your bridal shopping as early as possible to avoid any disappointment.

Consider Your Wedding Theme

Just because the gown comes from a fancy brand, it does not mean that it will match your style or taste – or even play into your ceremony’s theme. If you are planning an outdoor wedding, for example, it would be unwise to don a dress with a long, tulle train. Consider your venue, theme, and the kind of message you want your ensemble to communicate.

Partner with a Great Boutique

The right boutique will assist you every step of the way with trained stylists that engage with your ideas and offer relevant feedback. Look for a bridal shop with a wide range of designs and staff that provide professional and friendly service.

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