What to Consider When Shopping for a Lace Wedding Dress

Most brides adore lace, not only because of its timelessness, but also because it is feminine, elegant, and intricate. A lace wedding dress will always have more to explore when it captures the eye, which is why the trend has been around for so many decades.

If you cannot get enough of this exquisite textile, then it is likely your wedding dress will incorporate it in some form or another. For prospective brides considering a lace wedding dress, there are a few key points to take into consideration before you make your purchase.

Think About Your Venue

While most brides opt for their traditional church wedding and reception to take place indoors, some brides want to do it all in the great outdoors. Depending upon where you are getting married, your wedding dress will need to accommodate your environment. Intricate lace details along your gown’s hemline, for example, will not last very long if you are spending a lot of time amongst thorns, rocks, and dirt – so try to include it elsewhere on your gown.

There Are Different Types

With its long history, it is no surprise that there are many different types of lace used on a gown’s bodice, skirt, and train. Some of these include:

  • Guipure – Made by connecting plaits and bars to delicate patterns with no visible net base.
  • Chantilly – Flat, outlined, and detailed motifs that are generally handmade.
  • Embroidered – Motifs typically embroidered onto a tulle backing with the use of a needle.
  • Laser cut – A modern form of manufacturing that uses a laser to cut patterns out of netting.
  • Appliqué – Usually applied to tulle or netting to add dimension and extra details.

Textile Quality

High-quality lace is made with a tight-weave net and often does not reveal the netted base behind it. It is also usually strong, soft to the touch, and designed with an attractive floral or geometric motif. A lace dress of poor quality will fall apart easily, and display patterns that look “blocky”, unfinished, and cheap.

Not every bridal boutique understands the products they sell. At Timeless Bridal Couture, not only do we know our designer gowns inside and out, but we also know just what to do when they require tailoring, repairing, and cleaning. Such services should never compromise the material of your wedding dress, so it is always best to ask for professional help.

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