Reasons to Say Your “I Dos” in a Lace Wedding Dress


So, the important question has been asked and the time has come for you to plan your wedding. Organising a wedding is very exciting, but it can also be stressful. One of the most significant decisions that you will face as a bride is what dress you choose. The many choices can be overwhelming, but one style that has always stood the test of time is the lace wedding dress. Here is why so many brides choose to say their “I dos” in this type of gown.


  • Flatters Every Body Type


Classic, elegant, romantic, feminine, and sensual – this fabric is the essence of bridal. Yet, it is often seen as outdated, until the bride-to-be steps into a bridal boutique and falls head over heels with the first lace gown she sees. It happens all the time, and it is understandable as this classic, timeless style complements just about every silhouette.


  • The Perfect Fabric to Add Detail and Texture to Your Gown


Unless you want your entire gown covered in Swarovski crystals, it can be a challenge to add character to a plain white or ivory silk or satin dress. This is where lace outshines.


There are many ways of using it for bridal dresses. It can be an all-over lace dress or a gown with just a simple lace accent. For instance, a lace bodice complemented with a satin skirt, a silk dress with a lace back, or a white dress with a lace waist, train, or veil, will look breathtaking, unique, and expensive.


  • It Comes in Many Exquisite Patterns and Styles – Classic to Vintage


Brides have been saying their “I dos” in lace gowns for decades. It is a fabric born for bridal couture and will always feature as the fabric of choice on bridal runways. A style and texture perfect for spring, summer, autumn, and winter weddings, patterns range from knit, Venetian, embroidered floral, and Chantilly to eyelet, all of which are widely used to design many of the gowns found in high-end bridal boutiques.


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