Modeca: Dutch Bridal Design for the Modern Bride

If you are planning your wedding and you have seriously discerning tastes in wedding dresses, you will probably be looking at some of the most desirable designers in the world arena. While there is a lot of talent in South Africa, buying a bridal gown created by a recognised international designer may peak your interest. It is a vast world away from local design.

Modeca is one of the top brands out there when it comes to bridal gowns, and it adds a touch of international flair that is hard to beat. A lot of brides choose to have gowns designed locally, and while these are stunning and fulfil the function that they are supposed to, choosing an internationally recognised brand, such as Modeca, can just add that little bit of “je ne sais quoi” to your wedding.

Modeca has been in the business of designing the most desirable bridal gowns on the planet for a long time. Snagging one of these designs brings street cred, it brings romance, it brings serious commitment, and it brings prestige. If you are a bride who is serious about making a statement, this is the brand for you.

Modeca focusses on bringing out the best in all brides, regardless of shape or size. If you want vintage, they do this with aplomb; if you prefer a modern approach, there is much to choose from; and if you are looking for something traditional, you will be spoilt for choice. The secret here is to find a bridal boutique that can help you to choose the bridal gown most suited to you, your personality and your lifestyle. Whether you choose to get wed in a chapel or jump down a bungee cord, Modeca and Timeless Bridal Couture are here to help you find the best bridal outfit for the occasion.

It is not just about the look of the dress. We know that you need to feel comfortable. Nobody wants to spend the most important day of their lives in a straitjacket. We know that beauty does not have to go hand in hand with pain, and we make it our job to find you the most suitable dress for your day.

While the designers at Modeca are primed to create the most beautiful wedding dresses and bridal gowns out there, we pride ourselves on helping you to find the best one for you. Our alterations team and experienced seamstresses stop at nothing to convert the dress you choose into the most comfortable and easy garment you have ever worn to a formal occasion. We know you need to dance, move, sit and stand without any interference, and we know that you need to look beautiful and accomplished while you do these things. We love our brides, and we concentrate and focus on making them feel good walking down the aisle in a wonderful creation.

If you are looking for a Modeca gown that will not only make you look stunning on your wedding day, but also provide a really comfortable wear during and after the ceremony, you simply have to contact our professional team at Timeless Bridal Couture.