Timeless Elegance and Style with Our Luxurious Lace Wedding Dresses 

Lace wedding dresses have stood the test of time, offering elegance, sophistication, and charm to brides worldwide. These designs are intricate in nature and remain popular because of their infinite diversity. From Venetian fabrics characterised by gorgeous motifs and connected by panels to bold floral arrangements and more delicate Chantilly varieties (which originated in France in the 1600s), the options are endless. There is truly the perfect type of lace for every bride and the options are abundant when it comes to our dresses. This fabric lends itself to several flattering styles, including empire shapes, a-lines, long sleeves, princess ball gowns, and everything in-between.  

Winter styles have gleaned popularity. They offer brides ultimate style without them having to compromise on comfort. Long sleeves or capped sleeves are a popular choice all year round, offering a regal look that harks to the elegance of days gone by. They also provide many brides an element of comfort and support on what is most likely the most important day of their lives. When you choose a lace wedding dress with sleeves (long or short), you are guaranteed:

  • A classic, sophisticated look that stands the test of time
  • Ultimate comfort against those winter chills, especially if you opt for longer sleeves 
  • The option of added embellishments and fabrics of varying textures for a more dramatic look 
  • Greater attention drawn to your face, as the sleeves and bodice cover a larger area
  • Not as much need for additional jewellery as the lace and sleeve combination of these dresses creates a dramatic effect

Explore our Eclectic Range of Wedding Dresses and More

If you want to explore our gorgeous range of wedding dresses and the diverse materials we use, from lace and tulle to dove satin and organza, then it is time to explore our range of stunning dresses. We understand how important an occasion your wedding day is and offer every bride a bespoke consultation that gets to the heart of who she is and what she desires. No two brides are the same, and our eclectic styles allow you to express yourself.

We also offer clients a range of other services and offerings, including wedding jewellery and accessories, bridal robes for the big day, customisation options, and various rental solutions, including veils, belts, boleros, and jackets. We cannot wait to meet with you during our in-house consultation. We are dedicated to delivering expert advice, superior quality garments and accessories, and an intimate setting that allows you to be uniquely you.