5 Wedding Dress Fabric Trends to Follow in 2020

The world of wedding dress fashion is cyclical; textiles and silhouettes often make a comeback, usually with a few modern twists on a traditional design. Bridal textiles have not changed much in the last few decades, either, but a few seem to be making a standout statement this year. Lace, for example, has been used in clothing since its birth in the sixteenth century, while satin made its debut as early as the twelfth century. If you enjoy keeping up with international bridal trends, then keep reading as we explore the magnificent materials that make up this year’s leading gowns.

  1. Tulle

Soft, frothy, and cloudlike, tulle is a transparent type of netting that can be made from lightweight silk, nylon, polyester, rayon, or a blend of various textiles. Tulle is versatile in that it can be worn beneath a dress to add more volume, or as a skirt on its own. It is also paired well with lace applique, embroidery, sequins, and beading. This airy fabric adds fairytale-esque romance to any wedding dress.

  1. Chiffon

Chiffon is a woven textile known for how sheer and lightweight it is. Sometimes it is used as an overlay or on wedding dress sleeves. This luxurious fabric is quite delicate and falls beautifully from any silhouette. Our 6942 by Stella York is a charming Capri chiffon design complete with tulle shoulder bows and a sheer bodice.

  1. Satin

Satin is possibly one of the most popular bridal fabrics and will continue to trend for years to come. It is weighty and durable, making it a favourite for structured designs in a range of styles. The smooth, supportive material feels quite luxurious and adds a sophisticated sheen to bridal attire. The Juliet dress from Colet by Nicole Spose is a classically glamorous Mikado satin ballgown featuring pleats and pockets.

  1. Organza

Flowier than tulle and stiffer than chiffon, organza is another sheer fabric used for overlays and layering in a skirt. The material adds volume to bridal gowns and moves gorgeously with the wearer. This light material is ideal for summer and spring weddings.

  1. Lace

What would a wedding dress be without a little lace? Intricate, versatile, and instantly recognisable, lace is that finishing touch that elevates any bridal look. There are several types of lace, and the design you select will, of course, have much to do with your preferences. Our D2363 design by Essense of Australia makes use of embellished lace detail from top to bottom.

No matter the bridal fashion trend that inspires your special day this year, we can help you find the perfect gown. To contact us, feel free to get in touch here.