Looking for a Top Bridal Boutique in Pretoria?

The ring has been bought, the date has been set and you have found the most romantic wedding venue in Gauteng, and now you have to find that perfect dress. This means that you will be looking for the top bridal boutique in Pretoria or Johannesburg. While there are many boutiques out there, you have to find one that suits you and your needs, and also one that stocks the type of dresses you like, by the designers you love. Here are some tips on how to find the best bridal boutique.

Of course, you will need to do your homework! To find the top bridal boutique in Pretoria, you have to spend some time researching the boutiques, and determining what they provide and how they work. Keep it local to your home or work, in order to make it easy to go to fittings and to make appointments on time. You can either go on the internet to find the shops in your area, or ask friends and family to recommend a good bridal boutique.

The website of the boutique should tell you a lot about the business. For instance, what does the website look like? It is professionally done, well maintained and recently updated? How do you feel when you look at their website – are you excited by their product range and web content, or do you feel let down? Also, check which service they provide. While some bridal boutiques will only sell gowns, others provide a full service that includes a great product range, alterations on site, and also accessories.

Once you have narrowed it down to a shortlist, check out how they work – do they offer appointments during which they give you their undivided attention? Are the consultants experienced? There is nothing more irritating than trying to purchase the most important dress of your life, while a consultant bounces between you and other brides – ideally, you should be their only customer and you should receive a full consultation that is just dedicated to your specific needs.

Once you have made your appointments, you should go for a consultation to check out the boutique that will work the best for you. Their range should excite you, and the atmosphere should be warm, welcoming and relaxing. Experienced consultants will know what they are doing and help guide you towards the best dress for you, but never force you into a particular direction. Ultimately, you are the one that is going to wear the dress, and the consultant should just be there to assist you, provide answers to questions, and to help you avoid common pitfalls.

If you are looking for the top bridal boutique in Pretoria where you can relax while a consultant is totally dedicated to your needs, give us a call at Timeless Bridal Couture. Our exclusive product range can be seen and fitted by appointment only, and we perform alterations on site. We also stock a very desirable range of accessories. Give us a call today to find out more!