Wedding Dresses by Le Papillon

Le Papillon is the debut collection of the successful bridal house of Modeca and although it was only launched this year in 2016, the range has already proven to be a force to be reckoned with. These wedding dresses radiate style, glamour and exceptional beauty – everything a bride looks for in her wedding dress.

The philosophy of Le Papillon’s designer bridal collection is to embrace the delicacy and understated sophistication of classic bridal style, and a lot of focus is placed on the creation of memorable bridal gowns that exude style and poise. Unparalleled design talent and couture craftsmanship are used in the design and crafting of this refined range of wedding gowns, and as a result, Le Papillon wedding dresses are prized by stylish brides around the globe.

Choosing a wedding gown is not always easy, but because we are passionate about providing a highly personal service and a pleasant experience for all our brides-to-be, we are also skilled at finding the most desirable bridal gowns that reflect the diversity of our clients. We know that every bride has her own unique style and we recognise this in our diverse range of top-class bridal designs that would be fit for any queen bride.

Le Papillon wedding dresses are designed to bring out the best in any bride with a taste for old-style Hollywood glamour, and the figure sculpting lines and shaped designs provide a theatrical take on the conventional siren-style. Plunging back lines, illusion necklines and splendid fabrics are all combined to form a variety of classical and vintage looks in which the whole is certainly much more than the sum of the parts.

Because all wedding dresses by Le Papillon are specifically designed to flatter the figure, we can assure all our brides that wearing one of these creations will make them feel especially fabulous. The attention to detail of the cut, the quality fabrics, and the hand-crafted beading and lace are only some of the things that make this particular line so very special and highly desirable.

At Timeless Bridal, we focus on selecting designs from the best around the world and our wedding dresses by Le Papillon rate as some of our finest! For a truly personal experience, make an appointment with us and we will pamper you all the way into the perfect bridal gown. From the start to the end, we are there with you, giving you unwavering personal attention and support during your visit, and we see to it that you end up with a creation that looks as if it was designed for you!