The 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Lace Wedding Dresses

Lace Wedding Dresses - Modeca CollectionAll brides have their own fantasy when it comes to their weddings, but while these dreams may differ a lot when it comes to the details of the wedding, they all include a fairy tale dress that is simply breathtaking. Whether your dream is to waft down a lily-scented isle clothed in white lace and satin, or to float towards your groom in a sensational ivory bridal gown, you have to choose carefully when it comes to your gown. There may be more pitfalls than you think and when it comes to lace, you have to keep your wits about you to ensure that your dress looks fantastic. Don’t make the following mistakes…

Don’t Go Too White

While many people don’t realise this, white is not just white; there are in fact many different shades of white. Lace wedding dresses in optic white are practically impossible to pull off and often all the details that make the dress special get lost, especially when it comes to photographs. When choosing a lace dress, rather go for a softer hue, such as a light ivory or cream white, and this will bring out more contrast and show off the lace better.

Disregard Low Quality Lace

Lace wedding dresses require a lot of lace and often brides try to save money by purchasing a cheaper option that is created with lower-grade machine made lace. Avoid looking like a flashy, lacy meringue by opting for less lace, but of a higher grade – lace detail is just as effective in small quantities. Hand-made lace will undoubtedly create a much richer and stylish look than having flowing oodles of cheap lace.

Shun Shiny Fabrics

Lace, especially, should not be shiny unless you want to blind your guests with a look that resembles a sateen bedsheet. When it comes to lace, you will also find that the more expensive the lace, the more matte the appearance. However, as stated before, we all have our own dream dress in mind, so rather adorn your dress with beautiful crystals or rhinestones to make you shine on your special day. Remember, it is all about the details of the dress.

Don’t Disrespect the Veil

When it comes to choosing your veil, it is essential that you choose one that complements the dress. This is especially true if you choose a veil with lace detail; make sure that it does not overshadow the lace on the dress. It is also important that the lace is similar in size and texture, otherwise one look will dominate the other.

KISS – Keep It Simple, Sister

Lace is detailed in itself and provides a really good sense of style, texture and glamour. Experts recommend that a lace dress should be as tailored as possible in a simple style. Try not to get overexcited with detail – puffy sleeves, three dimensional lace panels and gathered skirts combined with more lace detail is all just too much. Keep the dress design simple and tasteful – focus on providing one decorative statement rather than being one!

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