28 March 2017

Lace Wedding Dresses

3 Top Tips on Choosing the Best Lace Wedding Dresses for Your Big Day

Lace wedding dresses evoke all kinds of emotions, but you have to choose your lace carefully. If you don’t, you run the risk of looking like you bought a cheap wedding gown, which is not something that any bride wants. Lace can be tricky; not everyone can afford hand-made French or Dutch lace, yet there are still some very viable and attractive options on the market that can bring a charm and a vintage feel.

Also consider that the lace is not always there for a vintage feel, lace can actually be very upmarket and modern, and bring a more contemporary look to the bridal gown. Lace embodies the romance and the history of weddings and what they are about, and choosing the best lace for the look you want is incredibly important.

There is a certain sentiment to lace dresses. They are timeless and tend to be important to women who would like to create an heirloom dress to pass down to their daughters or other female family members. The secret is in the lace, but the style in which it is used is also important. Here are some pointers on how to choose a timeless lace wedding dress that will stand the test of time for many decades.

1. Necklines are important: Lace can be very sexy and alluring, while still remaining chaste and conservative. The neckline creates the difference between too much and enough. The dress should be modest and should not expose too much cleavage. Often, lace can be applied over a bustier for impact, but the risk of a very low-cut lace neckline is that it could look cheap very easily. Keep the neckline chaste and shallow.

2. Sleeves and shoulder coverings: Lace can be incredibly alluring, while still keeping an air of chastity. A solid satin or silk strapless bodice, with lace covering the shoulders and sleeves can leave the flesh exposed, yet hidden at the same time. Sleeve lengths and styles can vary according to the seasons and the taste of the bride. It also depends on the style of the bride – sometimes a small capped sleeve or three-quarter length sleeve will encourage a more traditional bride to feel more comfortable, while lace covering the shoulders with cut-out sleeves can also work for a bride that has a more adventurous style.

3. The look from the back: Almost as important as necklines is the view from behind. While a low back can be incredibly alluring, classic styles dictate that a low-cut back should not expose more than the top half of the back. But seeing as it’s your day, you can determine how low or how high you would like your dress’ back to be.

If you need more information about classic lace wedding dresses that will make you look astonishing, please give us a call. We look forward to helping you find the perfect wedding dress for your style and personality.

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