Why Lace is Hot on Bridal Runways in 2017 

Lace wedding dresses have certainly shone as showstoppers at many weddings. At Timeless Bridal Couture, we love lace and stock a wide variety of designs featuring this glorious and time-proven fabric. Our brides are enthralled with the beauty and versatility of lace, as this top 2017 trend in wedding dresses continues to gain popularity.

We have the French to thank for lace, the most famous being Chantilly. In the 18th century, lace was an expensive and luxury item, because of its time-consuming production process. It was a hallmark of the extravagant tastes of the aristocracy, and men and women alike adorned themselves – and their home furnishings – in this fine fabric.

Then, brides wanted lace wedding dresses because the fabric was costly, and wearing lace was a statement about your standing in society. Today, lace continues to be front and centre on bridal runways across the globe. Apart from its rich history, designers and brides love lace for many reasons. It simply delights in its versatility and romanticism, and can be used in a variety of ways to create the ultimate fashionable and feminine wedding dress.

Every woman wants to look exceptional on her wedding day. The dress is the star of the show, regardless of the setting. Whether the bride is making her way down from a dune on the beach to a flowery arch near the sea, or appearing in the doorway of a magnificent cathedral, all eyes are on her wedding dress.

Let us help you take their breath away in a stunning lace wedding dress. Our wedding dress collections offer designs with a fresh, modern twist on lace, from layered skirts to sensational illusion backs, lace sleeves and layered bodices.

Wedding dresses with dramatic backs are high fashion for 2017, and lace is the perfect way to create an effect which will have everyone talking. High-necked wedding dresses are also all the rage this year, and in this design, lace is also the picture-perfect fabric. High-necked wedding dressed are especially impressive if your wedding is going to be a really grand affair – and the lace will sum the mood up beautifully.

It’s difficult to choose a favourite type of lace; they are all exquisite and each bring their own captivating features to a wedding dress. The possibilities for a bride are endless, as lacy textures and appliqués can be used in any style of wedding dress, from romantic and feminine, to ultra-chic, cutting-edge and vintage.

Popular types of lace: 

Knit: Soft and flexible, and contours around the body with ease.

Embroidered: Delicate patterns tightly stitched onto an illusion base to give the appearance of an appliqué.

Chantilly: Renowned for its fine outline pattern and rich detail.

Brocade: Richly-decorated shuttle-woven fabric, often made from coloured silks, and with gold and silver threads.

Eyelet: A combination of delicacy and sturdiness, which works beautifully when layered over a contrasting fabric.

If you want to try on some of our beautiful lace wedding dresses, contact us and make an appointment with one of our consultants.