• We love, love stories! How did you and your husband meet and how did he propose?

JW and I were introduced by mutual friends. The first weekend we met was basically a blind date, but from the moment I saw him

I knew that this was going to be an exciting journey. JW proposed to me in our tiny little flat, it was where we were always happy. I got back from gym and JW was waiting with a home made dinner and on one knee. Very unexpected and a typical ‘JW’ type of proposal????

  • What was the favourite part of your wedding day?

I feel that there can never only be one favourite moment, because you are in a constant state of happiness on your wedding day!! Our marriage confirmation was a very special moment for us. Also the fact that most of our guests had travelled very far made it so special, we were so grateful that so many of our loved ones attended our wedding and celebrated with us!

  • You fitted a variety of wedding dresses, how did you know when it was ‘the one’ and what did you love most about your wedding dress?

It was funny how I had this idea after viewing the catalogue of what dress I want. But then with the fitting none of my ‘chosen’ dresses felt right. On a whim I told Wendy that I would like to try the Titia dress on. (When I was in school I saw a Grecian-inspired dress in a mag, tore out the page and kept it in my purse for years, because this was what I wanted my wedding dress to look like!) The Titia dress was very very close to the dress on that torn out page from years ago. My sisters were not pro the dress, but once I had it on, we were all like: THAT’S THE DRESS!!!! I loved my dress neckline, it suited my broad shoulders so well. The small bit of detail on the waist was perfect, I am not for too much lace. And the simplicity of the dress is definitely what won me over!

  • How did you decide on the look and feel you wanted to have as a bride?

I didn’t! I just knew what I definitely did not want! I was very laid back about what I would look like and how my wedding would be. I think staying true to yourself is important. I am never over the top, so I really just wanted to look and feel comfortable on the day of my wedding.

  • What advice would you give future brides when it comes to wedding dress shopping?

Try on those dresses!! Looking at pictures and thinking that you found your dress is not how you do it! You will be pleasantly surprised to find that the dress you least expect might be the perfect fit. Also be open to different styles! And then of course if you want excellent service and a stress free wedding dress experience, the only place to go to is Timeless Bridal Couture.

Thank you Wendy for your patience with me and contributing to the best day of my life!!