Johannesburg Wedding Dress Trends in 2019


In South Africa, fashion moguls and style-conscious brides alike tend to keep an eye on the bridal gown trends that emerge from Johannesburg. Johannesburg is known for its bold, eclectic, and colourful clothing, and the bridal fashion is no different. If you have your ear to the ground when it comes to wedding dresses that are in vogue, then you may find our list of current Johannesburg trends exciting.


  1. Criss-Cross Backs for a Sexy Silhouette


For brides who love wedding dresses that show a little skin without baring it all, a criss-cross back is ideal. While both the décolletage and a cinched waist are indeed seductive, there is little more alluring than an open back and shoulders. Accentuating these rarely seen features is not typical for wedding dresses, but for brides brave enough, the overall aesthetic is worth it.


  1. Classic, Clean Lines Never Go Out of Style


Simplicity is timeless, especially when it comes to wedding dresses. If you love the idea that your dress will still be on trend many years from now, then you might want to opt for something elegantly minimalistic. Of course, simple does not mean boring, and you can choose several accessories to add a little something extra where you feel your ensemble may need it.


  1. Sophisticated Nudes for the Unique Bride


Nude clothing and accessories have been trending globally for quite some time, so it only makes sense that wedding gown designers have joined in on the fun too. Gone are the days of crisp, white wedding dresses being a necessity – contemporary brides like to stand out from the crowd. Bridal gowns that incorporate nude details and undertones are not only more interesting to look at, but they also look beautiful on all skin tones.


  1. Plunging Necklines to Leave a Lasting Impression


Johannesburg brides are not afraid of anything – this is proven by their daring fashion choices. If you intend on having a large, extravagant wedding, your dress needs to fit the part. Wedding dresses with plunging necklines are perfect to create the dramatic, showstopping look in which Jozi brides look best.


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