Why You Need to Consider Designer Wedding Dresses from Abroad

We all know that our wedding day is probably the most important day in our lives. The romance, the commitment, the joy, the unity with family and the entire occasion just exemplify the love that we have inside us. The importance of committing ourselves for a lifetime to someone else is incomparable, and we all want it to be one of the best events of our lives. One of the main things on the agenda is inevitably the bridal gown that best represents our sentiments – it needs to capture the enormity of the promise we are about to make in a subtle and stylish manner.

While there are a lot of wedding dress designers out there, it helps to have access to something beyond the scope of this country. Let’s face it – this is THE most important dress you will ever buy in your life! It has to be perfect, it has to accentuate your innate beauty and it has to resonate with who you are as a person. Often, we need to search beyond our comfortable local zones to find what we need; hence the need for international designer wedding dresses.

Often, the scope of international designers eclipse the vision of local designers. The dresses they design can reflect the ambience of Costa del Sol, Cannes, a winter wedding in London, or an Italian wonder at the Trevi Fountains in romantic Rome. Whether you are getting married at a wine estate in the Cape Winelands or with a tranquil African setting with the Magaliesberg as a backdrop, you need the “je ne sais quoi” that only an international designer of wedding dresses can add to the occasion!

Admittedly, we have some intensely talented local wedding dress designers and the African influence on the modern-day bride is undeniable, but we have to admit that the esteem and culture of international designer wedding dresses just bring with them something that cannot be compared to anything local. Local is good (even great!) – but when it comes to sophistication and exemplary wedding dress designs, the international (and especially European) dress designers show some superb foreign style – and HEAPS of experience. Even our best local wedding dress designers tend to learn from foreign trends and styles, and the USA and European markets are the ones that dictate the new styles and fashions to learn from.

This means that if you are getting married soon and you are in the process of choosing a bridal gown, you should really have a look at international designer wedding dresses and shows, in order to gauge the current temperature and flavour of the markets. There are subtle changes each year that can make the difference between trendy and trashy – and unless you are a fashion guru, you will ultimately need a great wedding dress consultant on your side, in order to help you to tell the difference!

If you are keen to learn more about international designer wedding dresses and how they can help you to express your own taste, style and personality, with that extra sophistication required, please contact Timeless Bridal Couture. We possess the expertise and a fantastic range of some of the most prominent international designer wedding dresses, as well as all the luxury that you deserve, while making this most-important choice. Give us a call today to book an exclusive appointment.