The look of any bride can be enhanced if the correct accessories are chosen. It is important that you remember to stick to your own identity when you select your wedding accessories, and that you don’t feel or look like someone else on the day. We have found some tips to help make the selection process a little bit simpler and to help make you look fantastic on one of the happiest days of your life!

Choosing Wedding Accessories

wedding accessories

First things first:

Choose your bridal gown before deciding on accessories. It sounds quite obvious, but brides often fall into the trap of purchasing accessories that appeal to them at a bridal fair or in a shop, and when it comes to matching it to the dress, it doesn’t work. A vintage dress will need to be accessorised differently to a dress with a more edgy look. When in doubt, consult a bridal expert to find out what the best pieces would be for your dress.

Keep it real:

Often fantasy pieces are chosen, and these tend to make the bride look and feel totally different on the day. Choose wedding accessories that are close to your personal style – if you are a more natural person, choose natural looking accessories. Accessories are there to enhance your look, not to change it. Do be brave though – it is the ideal occasion to wear coveted pieces that you would not wear every day or would never really have an occasion to wear them to. Don’t get too seduced with costume jewellery and lots of sparkle – choose more classic or handcrafted pieces that will still look good on your wedding photos years later.

Variety is the spice of life:

The natural instinct for brides is to go with a tiara, but there are many other pieces surfacing on catwalks today. There is a big trend towards more bohemian or vintage accessories, and flowers and feathers are often used. If you are choosing a veil, ensure that your accessories can be easily worn with a veil, and that they complement the overall look of the dress and the veil.

Find inspiration:

Look at various sources for inspiration – it is especially fun to look at movies and to find your star match. Are you more Audrey Hepburn than Katharine Hepburn? Check out movies with weddings in them and see if you can identify with the icon’s style. This will make it easier to check out their accessories and get inspired by them.

If you need any help with choosing your wedding accessories, please call us for an appointment. We have a wide range of accessories and expert consultants that will help you to make the right choice!