How did you and your husband meet, and how did he propose?

Chris and I knew one another for many years through mutual friends, but he was much older than me, so our paths never crossed romantically.

About six years ago, I went to a friend’s dress-up party where the theme was “what you wanted to be when you grew up”. I went as a Rock ‘n Roll princess, dressed in a pink tutu, black leather jacket, pink wings, a pink guitar, and a crown. Chris was at the same party, dressed in a full baseball kit with tight white pants and long socks, and ready for the game. He immediately had my attention. The party was great, and Chris and I danced all night! He had the best dance moves, and he made me laugh until all hours of the morning.

After that, he never really left my mind. Later in the year, we started chatting and flirting… you know how it goes. The next thing I knew, he was across the road from my apartment, calling me to come outside. Before I could second-guess it, there he was, waving at me from the KFC across the road. It was absolutely hilarious, and utterly romantic. It was at that moment I knew he was the one for me, and we have been together ever since.

Chris is my heart and we have had an amazing journey together. After four years of dating, he planned a trip to Ha Long Bay and Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. He brought my mom along and two of my closest friends, and we were also meeting his family on the trip.

One day, we boarded this amazing little boat in Ha Long Bay, and off we set on the boat for two nights. We were so excited to sleep on the water and see all these amazing panoramas. We all went up to the deck for a better view. I called my best friend on the phone to tell her all about the boat, when next minute, Chris was standing next to me and pulling my arm. When I looked (a little irritated that he was interrupting my call with my bestie), he was on one knee, saying the most beautiful things (that I wish I could remember), and asking me to marry him. My world felt like it had exploded! It was the most amazing and happiest moment of my life. I screamed for hours. It was so incredibly special!

My mom had been in on it, keeping the ring, and my bestie thought I was calling her to tell her that he had proposed, as she also knew he was going to, so she got to watch the whole thing, which was super special too.

From that day on, I was the happiest girl in the world! We celebrated everywhere we went, and had the most wonderful trip.

What was your favourite part of your wedding day?

The best part of our wedding day for me was when I walked down the aisle. My insides were trembling with excitement and I could not stop smiling. I was holding onto my mom and my friend Shaun’s arms like I was floating. I could not wait to reach Chris’s arms. As I got to the end of the aisle, he just hugged me, and I felt myself breathe for the first time in ages. I knew that this was our dream come true, as we were finally saying “I DO”! It was a feeling I wish I could bottle up and just give to people, so that they can feel that joy and happiness too.

You tried on a variety of wedding dresses. How did you know when it was “the one”, and what did you love most about your wedding dress?

I never thought I would ever get that “movie feeling” when trying on dresses, although I wanted it so badly, and I am so happy to say that I experienced it.

Wendy was truly amazing! I think she knew which dress I would want before I did. She knew which one she had in mind, but she let me choose all the ones that I wanted to try on, and saved the most magnificent one for last.

When I walked out, stood on that little white box, and looked at my friends’ faces, I knew it was special, especially since my sister-in-law had tears streaming down her face. It was magical! I put on the veil, and that’s when I knew it was THE ONE! I loved it, and everyone else did too. I felt like a princess, as cliché as that may be. It was such fun, and I truly wish that every girl getting married could experience the “White Box Popping Moment”.

How did you decide on the look and feel you wanted to have as a bride?

I followed my heart and my vision. Being a bride is hard work, as everyone all of a sudden has an opinion on everything for your wedding day, but I had a vision and I stuck to it. There were certain things that I wanted and would not budge on, and also things that were not such big deals. You have to remember that your wedding only lasts a few hours, so you want to make the most of those hours. Love your dress and love your choices, as they are what matter. They will make you feel like the amazing human that you are.

What advice would you give future brides when it comes to wedding dress shopping?

First and foremost, go try on dresses and drink champagne with your loved ones. It’s the best day out, and such a special time.

Secondly, GO TO TIMELESS BRIDAL COUTURE and get Wendy to help you. She knows what will work for you, but she won’t push you into anything. She wants you to feel beautiful in their beautiful gowns.

(Also, when you go back to get your dress and they have new collections, DO NOT LOOK AT THEM, AS YOU WILL WANT TO BUY ANOTHER DRESS!)

Trust your gut instincts, as only you will know when you fit the dress of your dreams, so have fun with it. It is your special day!