6 Tips on Picking Gorgeous Wedding Dresses for your Big Day

You definitely want to look fantastic on your wedding day, and you will no doubt be surrounded by gorgeous wedding dresses while you do your fittings and try on different styles. If the idea of finding the ideal dress makes you nervous, there are some things you can to do help you make a more informed decision and to find a dress that is perfect for the occasion.

1. Choose according to the location: Location is not only important when it comes to property – it is vital when it comes to weddings too! Your location and the type and style of wedding you want should be reflected by your dress. You can narrow down your search if you know the place and time of the wedding, and you have to choose the fabrics according to the seasons. A winter wedding dress in a cathedral will differ vastly from a summer wedding dress for a garden ceremony.

2. Stick to the budget: Take a look at your wedding budget and stick to what you can afford. Remember that the more intricate a dress is, the more it will cost, as great skill and artistry have contributed to its creation. A good bridal consultant should be able to show you gorgeous wedding dresses that won’t exceed your budget.

3. Educate yourself: If you are not familiar with the bridal landscape, you may find yourself completely bewildered by the different terms and jargon. Learn as much as you can about bridal terminology and styles – know your fabrics and silhouette, in order to choose well. Read magazines and check out websites for information, and arrange an appointment with an experienced bridal consultant to help you with some of the stuff you don’t know.

4. Plan well: Wedding organisers will tell you that it is vital to plan everything down to the smallest detail, and planning the process of finding a dress, doing fittings, having adjustments made, scheduling in practice runs for hair and make-up, and many other things will have to be planned out, scheduled and booked long before the wedding. There are many gorgeous wedding dresses to choose from and you may have to try on a number of unsuitable ones before you find the perfect dress for you, so don’t leave it too late!

5. Bring backup you can trust: Don’t be tempted to bring too many people with you to your fittings, their opinions will inevitably differ, so you may feel pressured and unsure of what to choose. Take one or two people whose opinions and style you trust, and be honest with yourself when you are choosing. Remember, you have to wear the dress – not your friends, mother or mother in-law!

6. Be open-minded: While it is good to have an idea of what you want and what you absolutely don’t want, it helps to keep an open mind when it comes to trying on different types of bridal gowns, especially if they have been suggested by an experienced bridal consultant. Bridal consultants often have an extensive knowledge of the styles and trends of the wedding industry, and will know which styles they have in stock, and which gorgeous wedding dresses will suit your style or body type.

If you are looking for gorgeous wedding dresses and expert advice from experienced bridal wear consultants, make an appointment with Timeless Bridal Couture today!