How to Know When a Ball Gown Wedding Dress is Right for You


From fairytale princesses to real-life royalty, a ball gown wedding dress is the vision of perfection most little girls have when it comes to their dream ceremony. In fact, with a silhouette so bold and magnificent, many brides plan their entire day around the perfect princess frock – from the venue to the photography. Finding the crowning ensemble for your day can get tricky, especially when there are so many designs from which to choose. Here, we help to narrow your search down a little with three, essential tips to selecting the ultimate ball gown wedding dress.


  1. Find a Fabric that Accommodates Your Ceremony


A venue located in the outdoor bushveld amongst thorny brambles is no place for a delicate, lace hem. In this way, it is key that you understand how the type of venue you hire will affect your gown. The next time you take a trip to your venue, it might be a good idea to wear a long, white skirt to find out how the dance floor, areas of photography, and aisle will impact your bridal dress. If your special day is indoors and not much time is spent in dust or on gravel, then luxuriously soft tulle and intricate lace are still a great option.


  1. Assess What the Neckline Does for You


Your face, neck, and décolletage shape can all be accentuated or altered in appearance by your gown’s neckline. A V-neckline, for example, will elongate the face and neck. Those with petite shoulders can emphasise this feature with a strapless sweetheart neckline or off-shoulder sleeves. It is all about creating balanced proportions from top to bottom.


  1. Consider Your Ideal Hairstyle and Accessories


If you are seeking a ball gown wedding dress with an intricately embellished bodice or tons of lace detailing, then it’s best to be conservative with accessories. A flamboyant hairdo complete with a tiara, earrings, and statement necklace could all draw too much attention to the head, leaving the dress without any spotlight. Any accessories you have are meant to highlight the main attraction: you in your dress. Seek out subtle options such as a sash or belt, delicate earrings, or a lovely hairpiece to complement your overall look. When it comes to a designer look, fewer accessories make a better impression.


If you’re still unsure about what type of ball gown wedding dress would flatter you best, then a consultation with our expert stylists is sure to give you a fresh perspective. If you would like to book an exclusive appointment with us, simply get in touch here.