How to Find the Perfect Wedding Dress in Pretoria

If you live in Pretoria and want to find the perfect wedding dress, you will find that there are plenty of things to consider. The wedding dress industry has its own language about fabrics and styles, and if you don’t know your lace from your tulle, it could be a long and frustrating process. Here are some suggestions about how to find the perfect wedding dress.

• Choose the location first: Your dress has to fit the location, and if you are getting married in Gauteng, you will surely have a lot of wonderful places to choose from. Sometimes, brides choose a dress first and then find out after they have booked the location, that the dress doesn’t suit the tone of the location. Like everything else, the dress has to suit the occasion, and the other way around. Once you have booked your venue, it will be easier to find the perfect wedding dress.

• Be at peace with your emotions: If you don’t burst into tears upon finding your dream dress, it is OK! Everybody deals with their emotions in different ways. You might just get that tingling feeling in your stomach when you find your dress, and show no outwards signs that this is the one, but you will know it in your heart when you see it.

• Only bring a few friends: Bringing a large posse that includes your mother, mother-in-law, the cousins and several friends is a mistake many brides make. While everybody will undoubtedly want to share in the moment, they can enjoy the dress at the wedding. The more people you are trying to please, the harder the choice will be, and undoubtedly there will be a lot of different opinions about which one to choose. Bring a maximum of three people whose opinions you trust and keep drama down to the minimum, in order to make the best choice.

• Choose a dress for YOU: Regardless of what grandma says, you do not have to wear her vintage, traditional dress down the aisle if you are not a vintage, traditional person. Choose what feels authentic to you and do not get pressured into wearing something that you don’t identify with. The dress has to suit your personality and sense of style, so choose something that you can feel yourself in and a look that you can see yourself in. Many brides try to be something other than themselves on their wedding day, and as a result, the overall look is not as impressive and the bride feels uncomfortable the whole day. Be yourself and choose for yourself – if you are a vintage person, choose vintage, if you are a traditional person, choose traditional. It is totally up to you!

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