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While formal dresses worn for special events have been the norm for thousands of years, historians agree that the mid-1820s is when the evening dress emerged in all its glory. It has since become a distinct and wildly varied category of apparel. Appearing alongside the Romantic movement, these evening dresses spoke to the passion and feeling of the times, where love and romance were favoured over rigidity and duty. Over the last 200 years, evening dresses have indeed transformed, with new styles materialising across the globe. Today’s evening dresses vary dramatically and are usually worn for special occasions, including proms, dances, weddings, galas, pageants, and fundraisers.

Evening dresses and matric dance dresses from Timeless Bridal

How can you find the perfect evening gown with so many styles available? Follow these tips when searching for dresses.

Take a leap: It’s easy to follow the fashion, and sometimes this really pays off; other times, however,  you have to try something a little different to experience newfound, successful results. Try different styles and explore how you feel about them. While the latest fashion might be plunging necklines and shorter hems, a flowing frock with silky ruffles can be just as elegant and supreme. You can explore what works for you and your body shape by trying different styles. Ultimately, the perfect dress will help you to exude confidence.

Choose a colour that complements: When it comes to evening dresses, and especially our extensive range at Timeless Bridal Couture, there are so many fabrics and colours around. Opt for dresses in colours that compliment your skin tone. If your skin has cooler undertones, look at gowns with purples, blues, greys, browns, and greens. If you have a warmer undertone, explore brighter or lighter shades like pale beige, white, or richer shades of purple and blue. Happily, when you explore our varied range, you will find the perfect choice. We’re also always on hand to assist with any colour queries.

Accessorise: A great gown is also all about the accessories. Make sure that you accessorise with style. Whether you prefer elegant, understated jewellery that simply glimmers in the light or bold statement pieces, make sure that you accessorise your night look with the appropriate handbag, shoes, jacket, and jewellery.

Explore the Gorgeous Evening Dresses at Timeless Bridal Couture

If a special event is on your calendar and you need an evening dress that truly offers the wow factor, have a look at our bespoke range. There is something for everyone when you shop with us.